July 2008 - Issue 28   
  Are You Ready for Dreamforce '08?  
    You need to be! Tour de Force @ Dreamforce '08, will be the premier Force.com event of the year, and if you're a Force.com developer, admin, or entrepreneur, you can't afford to miss it. This three-day conference—held in San Francisco November 2-5—is the ideal place to wrap your mind around developing with powerful Force.com technologies like Apex and Visualforce. It's also the only place where you can learn about the next game-changing Force.com technologies directly from Salesforce.com's own engineers, product managers, and technical evangelists—and then get your hands on those technologies as part of a special, attendees-only developer preview program.

The Dreamforce experience is always incredible, and this year it will be bigger and better than ever with more than 10,000 attendees expected and Force.com taking center stage. Tour de Force @ Dreamforce is the "conference within a conference" for the Force.com community, and features more than 40 breakout sessions and tech talks, special events, and the biggest "Dev Zone" we've ever built, replete with an Immersion Lab, DFC Demo Theater, community meetup space, partner solution stations, and more. We'll also be sending our top technical staff to be on hand to answer your questions, teach you about Force.com, and give you the kind of 1:1 guidance you can only get at an in-person event like this.

Early bird pricing is in effect right now, which means you can save $200 if you register now.
  Force.com Developer Certification is Coming Soon  
    Are you truly a Force.com expert? Very soon you will be able to prove it, thanks to the announcement of Salesforce.com certifications for developers. Beginning this fall, you'll be able to take courses and exams that lead to two brand-new levels certification: Force.com Developer and Advanced Developer.

Why get certified? The DFC jobs board reveals a growing demand for administrators and developers on the Force.com platform, so getting certified is a great career move. And many of you have asked for it, saying things like:
:: "It's easier to get funding for courses that are part of a certification program than a stand alone course"
:: "[I was] overlooked due to the inability to really affirm my prowess with Salesforce.com"
:: "That would be good for SFDC, their users and for my CV"

The self-taught and highly confident can sit for the exam by itself. But we highly recommend signing up for one the courses and taking the exam as part of that process (it's included). The first 100 developer.force.com members to sign up for either DEV 401: Force.com Essentials or DEV 501: Visualforce, Apex and DaaS will receive 10% off.

Learn more about the certification program, access free study guides, and more on our Guide to Certification.
  The Force.com Million Dollar and Pound VC Challenges  
    For those of you in the US, there are less than 60 days left to enter the Million Dollar Challenge. For those in the UK, there's a separate Million Pound Challenge. If your company is in one of these countries, and you deliver the winning entry, your SaaS venture will be catapulted into the limelight with a substantial venture capital award and the opportunity to launch your company and product to 10,000+ attendees at Dreamforce '08!  
  New Force.com Resources  
  :: The Force.com Migration Tool Guide
The new Force.com Migration Tool Guide provides a detailed description of how to install and use the Migration Tool for deploying Apex code and migrating organization settings.
  :: The Force.com Platform & Google Data APIs in Action
This introductory demo supported the release of the Force.com Toolkit for Google Data APIs, and walks you through a concept application demonstrating how some of the toolkit functionality can be put to use.
Do not forget to register for the live webinar on July 30, 10am PDT on the Force.com Toolkit for Google Data APIs to learn more.
  Sample Code  
  :: Visualforce Sample - Dynamic Edit Page
Andrew Waite, in the first of three code samples, explores the use of a Visualforce component that augments another component, giving it some Ajax behavior for the purpose of dynamically controlling the visibility of a section of a page as the user modifies values in a form.
  :: Visualforce Sample - Consolidated Case History Timeline
Supporting the Mastering Visualforce - Move Beyond S-Controls webinar, Andrew has made his Case History Timeline demo available for download, with plenty of great documentation.
  :: Visualforce Sample - Quote Generation with Pages2PDF
Have you ever wanted to create PDFs from data in your Force.com application? Andrew shows how to do this using the new renderAs tag available in Visualforce. Along the way he demonstrates extending Standard Controllers with Apex, as well as using the new property syntax and static resource.
  :: Visualforce Sample - Extending Print Previews
Using Visualforce is a great way to create extended print previews for your users. Christoph Foeckeler demonstrates how to do this by using expressions in a simple Visualforce page.
  Welcome Our New Force.com Innovators  
    Discover the latest customers and ISV partners that have developed successful applications on the world's first platform as a service. You'll learn how they did it—and how you can become the next success story. Hear how these partners delivered cost-effective solutions quickly by building their apps on the Force.com platform.  
    :: Dan Belwood: Bringing Force.com to Europe  
    :: Dreambuilder Investments: Runs on Salesforce and the Force.com Platform  
  From the Boards  
  :: Visualforce Development  
    Ron Hess helps someone with Questions regarding Printing a Visualforce Page, by pointing them to an example that uses CSS styling to implement pagination.  
  :: Apex Code Development  
    j2ee was unable to deploy a trigger to production. soof helped out, and provides some excellent testing guidelines along the way.  
  :: Force.com Builder  
    oliviers posted a question about updating a custom object field from a custom button. He found a solution himself, and posted his approach. As Jon comments in the thread, it's always a good idea to post up your solution, so thank you oliviers, and please do the same!  
  :: General Development    
    MDGonz receives some advice from Artabus on how to upload 300+CSV files into a custom object using Data Loader.  
  :: Perl, PHP, Python, & Ruby Development  
    msimonds helps someone who couldn't connect to the host, probably diagnosing a network access configuration!  
  :: Hot Force.com Job of the Month  
    Salesforce Technical Consultant - VisualForce Expert, says the job posting. It looks like Visualforce is really taking off out there! There are plenty more job postings to be found on the job board, so take a look!  
  From the Blogs  
  :: What the Cloud can Carry  
    Peter makes the case for enterprise developers to use SaaS and PaaS, not just SMBs. You can also see Peter in action, talking about enterprise readiness of the cloud, in a 4 minute accompanying video.  
  :: Intercepting Workflow Outbound Messages in a Ruby Server  
    Jon has been playing with outbound messaging in workflow actions, and shows how to intercept the resulting SOAP messages in a remote server written in Ruby.  
  :: Workbench: From Idea to 2.0  
    Ryan recently released Workbench 2.0, a "community-contributed, web-based application that gives administrators on-demand access to useful tools to manage salesforce.com organizations ." In this post Ryan explains the history behind the toolkit, from inception to the new SOSL search functionality.
  :: Videos from the Dublin Tour de Force Event  
    Check out these videos from the Tour de Force event in Dublin.
  Force.com App of the Month: Model Metrics Expense2GO for iPhone  
  Hot on the heels of the iPhone 3G and Apple's AppStore launch, the team at Model Metrics has released Expense2GO , a Force.com app designed for the iPhone that automates the mundane task of filing expense reports. Utilizing Force.com technologies like workflow and security, Expense2GO lets users manage business expenses from their iPhone and synchronize with the online expense management application built on Force.com platform.  

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