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January 2010—Issue 46   
  Sign-up for the Spring '10 Release Preview Webinar  
Sign-up for the Spring '10 Release Preview Looking forward, 2010 is set for lots of cloud innovation and excitement. In particular, do you want to know what new features are coming down the line in Spring '10, and how those features can help you build better applications, faster? Take for example multi-level master-detail relationships—which could let you create far richer data models, while at the same time simplifying reports. How would this feature fit into your existing or future applications? Perhaps you're querying data, and processing it by executing some aggregating function over the result. Imagine how much simpler life would be if the query language had aggregate functions built in!

These are just two features that can change the way you think about applications on Learn about all the new features coming in Spring '10, and how to make the most of them, by signing up for the Spring '10 Release Preview webinar. See you there!
  Developer Force Heroes of 2009  
Developer Force Heroes of 2009

Looking back, we experienced phenomenal growth in the Developer Force community during 2009. Of our thriving community, we'd like to recognise 4 heroes for their outstanding contributions. These community members either drive adoption through their evangelism, have excelled in their technical excellence in creating useful and compelling applications, or are prominent members of our discussion boards.

In alphabetical order, we'd like to call out: Diane Macrobie from Less Software, for her strong advocacy of and developing an innovative supply chain management application. Heath Provost from Schumacher Group, for architecting several applications with deep integrations. Wes Nolte from Telegraph Media Group for being the leading discussion board guru and winning the Developer Hackathon. Jason Ouellette from Appirio, for developing 3 of the 10 most popular applications on AppExchange, and authoring the outstanding Development with the book.

Please join us in congratulating Heath, Diane, Wesley and Jason.

  New Resources
  :: Tech Talk: What's New in Apex code  
    Tech Talk: What's New in Apex codeThis recorded webinar demonstrates a number of advanced Apex constructs including asynchronous batch processing, which lets you iterate over millions of records; custom settings, which lets you create and manage custom application metadata; and the Apex scheduler, which lets you schedule Apex classes to run at specific times.

  :: An Introduction to Exception Handling  
    An Introduction to Exception HandlingAn exception is a special condition that changes the normal flow of program execution. That is, it's when something bad happens that the program can't deal with during execution. This article provides an introduction to exception handling in Apex, demonstrating how to write code that catches and handles these exception conditions.

  :: Spring '10 Release Page  
    Spring '10 Release PageAs indicated at the start of this newsletter, the Spring '10 release preview will soon be made available. This Spring '10 release page will provide a one-stop shop for accessing all of the relevant Spring '10 information, including the webinar, release schedule, release notes, feature videos and more.

  Sharing your Code
  :: Data Loader CLIq  
    Shar your codeCLIq provides a simple wizard to create directory structures and configuration files for the Data Loader Command Line Interface, letting you quickly configure scheduled exports/updates and much more.

In common with all projects on Code Share, this project is open source. If you would like to participate, either by writing code, fixing or reporting bugs, writing documentation or helping out in any other way, please join a project by logging into Code Share and sending a message to the project owner.
  Spotlight on Innovators
Here are inspiring success stories about applications built on
  :: 20/20 Companies builds order management application 4x faster on
  :: CloudBench sets new benchmark for municipal services in the cloud
  From the Boards
  :: Apex Code Development  
    PamSalesforce asks if there is a compact way to test whether a variable is contained in a set, and sfdcfox dishes up the goods with the suggestion to use the contains() method on an anonymous set. This approach is particulary efficient for large sets, and for strings.
  :: Sites  
    JTec was having a difficult time getting Google AdWords to play nice with Sites, so jkucera posted how he got Visualforce to correctly execute the script that will populate objects -- a key is to ensure that the hidden sfga field contains the org id.
  :: Java Development  
    All of us have had the pain of translating time formats between systems. Read how mpierce gives astro some pointers to a simple and elegant way to tackle getting a date in a format understands.
  :: General Development  
    Chris_centra was looking for a way to open a page with pre-populated fields. The resulting thread is a good illustration of keeping in mind feature differences between editions, and ends with SteveBrower presenting a creative solution to dynamically pass hidden parameters.
  :: Open Source  
    New user justyn is coming up to speed on configuring user settings in the Time-Off Manager. Though an application may be a whole package, they still need to be configured to best serve the end users' needs.
  From the Blogs
  :: Changes to the Developer Force Community Message Boards  
    Dana introduces several changes to the Developer Force discussion boards. A number of boards such as Formulas and Validation Rules, formerly in the CRM community, have been moved to Developer Force.  
  :: Dreamforce '09: Hackathon Coverage  
    Notes on the winners of the Hackathon held at Dreamforce '09. Finalists included Stephen Brown, Jeff Douglas and Colin Loretz.  
  :: Dreamforce '09: Trivia Contest Wrap up!  
    Dana provides a nice summary of the Dreamforce trivia content, and a run down of all the winners (with photos).  
  :: Interesting Links 2009-December-10  
    Jon points to several external community blog posts covering Ruby on Rails, Visualforce Input Fields, REST Web Services, OS X Tools, JavaScript, Flickr and JQuery.  
 App of the Month: ZenKraft Shipmate - FedEx for Salesforce App of the Month ZenKraft, a 40 Finalist, recently published their FedEx shipping solution on the AppExchange. Built entirely on, ZenKraft Shipmate adds seamless FedEx shipping integration inside Salesforce CRM. It leverages Single Sign On, Apex Code and Visualforce to create an all-in-one experience that guides the user through a simple wizard allowing address validation, rate comparison, label generation, and more. FedEx shipping details are related back to Lead, Contact, Account or Opportunity records, allowing users to easily track FedEx shipments. Cookbook
Tech Talk: Whats new in APEX code Fundamentals book

Calendar of Events
Tech Talk
:: New Features in Spring '10 Release Preview,
Webinar—January 19, 10am PST & 8:30pm PST
Webinar: Partner Program Update
:: Online—8am, PST, January 13
Online—5pm, PST, January 13
Training: Building Apps with and Visualforce
:: San Mateo, CA
• January 18
:: Atlanta, GA
• January 25
:: London, UK
• January 25

Training: Apex and Visualforce Controllers
:: Detroit, MI
• January 11
:: Irvine, CA
• January 11
:: Paris, France
• February 1
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  Developing in the cloud with PaaS (Podcast)
  When the Cloud Meets Agile Development"
  Benioff trumpets platform's success
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