August 2008 - Issue 29   
  Running the Tracks at Dreamforce '08  
There are only a few days left in which to get early bird pricing at Dreamforce '08, which is going to be held in San Francisco, November 2-5. Thousands of you will be there, sprinting around the tracks at the best cloud training ground around!

This year we're having a conference within a conference at Dreamforce. Tour de Force, which focusses on the platform, will have its own set of tracks, all centered around the platform and coding in the cloud. It has 5 tracks to choose from, offering a staggering amount of knowledge and innovation.

Here's a guide to the starting blocks:
:: Fundamentals - apply your existing technical skills to the platform and learn about Apex Code, Visualforce, security, integration and the develop, test, stage, release lifecycle.
:: Admin to App Builder - learn how to leverage the familiar declarative interface to build apps without programming, create monster mashups, and use workflow to add app automation.
:: Entrepreneurs - deploy and market SaaS applications quickly and profitably by learning about ISV partners, financing startups and the secrets of Saas startup success.
:: Platform Tech Talks - discover our internal agile development methodologies, how the architecture scales to 150 million transactions a day, and meet and learn from the R&D platform team
:: Mastering - become an extraordinary developer by extending your existing skills with advanced knowledge of the platform, APIs, and integration with Google Apps, OpenSocial, Facebook and LinkedIn. This track also features information about the shiny new Winter '09 release!
See you at the starting blocks!

  Succeeding on the Platform  
    Succeeding on the Platform Are you a Innovator? There are thousands of companies who have succeeded in building and deploying amazing apps on the Platform, and we're telling a few of their stories on the new Innovators page. The stories provide insight into how these developers and ISVs have successfully transformed their apps, architecture and businesses for cloud computing. Let us know if you have a story of your own to add to the Innovator page, or if these stories have inspired you to start building innovative apps on the platform.

While you can learn much from reading success stories, you can also learn from successful developers and customers who attend Dreamforce '08. They'll be there, learning and exchanging ideas, eager to share their techniques, innovations and success, all on the path to become Innovators themselves. Register now.
  New Resources  
  :: WhitepaperWhitepaper: The Enterprise Meets the Cloud
Peter Coffee argues that full-scale enterprise application developers should certainly not take a pass on PaaS, showing that "enterprise-grade SaaS is not merely possible, but is a present-day reality." You can also watch Peter making his point in a 4 minute video that he posted to the blog.
  :: WebinarWebinar: Toolkit for Google Data APIs
This recorded webinar introduces the Toolkit for Google Data APIs and explores the toolkit functionality. It is packed full of great demos that show what's possible when you can seamlessly integrate the platform with Google Apps such as Calendar, Spreadsheet and Documents.
  Sample Code  
  :: Google Data APIs Schema DemoGoogle Data APIs Schema Demo
This open source tool extracts object metadata and saves it to a Google Spreadsheet. The tool uses the Toolkit for Google Data APIs and was used in a demonstration during the Mastering Visualforce - Move Beyond S-Controls webinar, where you can see it in action.

  Welcome Our New Innovators  
    Welcome Our New Innovators Discover the latest customers and ISV partners that have developed successful applications on the world's first platform as a service. You'll learn how they did it—and how you can become the next success story. Hear how these partners delivered cost-effective solutions quickly by building their apps on the platform.  
    :: Rexlo Joe: Landing on Wallstreet with  
    :: Electronic Arts: Electronic Arts Builds Extensive Global Talent Acquisition Platform  
  From the Boards  
  :: Visualforce Development  
    Mark Young shows how to format a date in Visualforce using a DateTime object.  
  :: Apex Code Development  
    jprosser had an interesting clone question. Several community members showed how to make a deep clone of an object as a result.  
  :: Builder  
    rpr2 shows how to create a report with multiple master-detail relationships by adding fields related via lookup.  
  :: General Development  
    jhart wanted to know how to retrieve all layouts using the Metadata API without knowing the names of the layouts. Bill Eidson showed the way, and also diagnosed a tricky API version request call problem.  
  :: .NET Development  
    SimonF shows renu how to set a multiselect picklist to null using the fieldsToNull property.  
  :: Hot Job of the Month  
    Of all the job posts this month, the one from ACF Solutions caught my eye. They're looking for Web Services API, AJAX toolkit, S-Controls, Apex, SOAP, Visualforce and more!  
  From the Blogs  
  :: Deployment and License Management App 2.0  
    Deployment in the SaaS world is a different beast to Java EE deployment. Jon describes his first foray into what deployment means to a developer on, and takes a look at LMA 2.0 - an app that track installs and upgrades of your deployed apps.  
  :: Stay young by grabbing the developer library  
    Stay young by grabbing the developer library encourages you to download our white papers, books and more by appealing to age!  
  :: Industry Standard Innovation Award and Deployment in the Cloud  
    Deployment takes on a very different meaning in the cloud. In the past you had to ship a CD, or even a hard drive. Now, we simply deploy to AppExchange - which is a finalist for an Industry Standard Innovation Award.
  :: Announcing Migration Tool Guide. Jumping Ants!  
    Jon explores the Migration Tool, providing a few examples of how to download and deploy Apex code from the terminal.
 App of the Month: Xactly Reward  
  Long time AppExchange partner Xactly recently announced the launch of their new app, Xactly Rewards. Designed using and key technologies like Adobe Flex, the Rewards application automates non-cash incentives to motivate and retain employees, a business process normally managed by spreadsheets. Companies can implement a point system and use the application to let employees track the points they’ve earned, how they’ve earned them, how many they’ve redeemed, and how they can earn more.  

Tour de Force @ Dreamforce
Formulas and Workflow Live Webinar
VF Webinar
Calendar of Events

Web 2.0 Expo
:: New York, NY
September 16-19

Dreamforce '08

:: San Francisco
November 2-5

Live Webinar

:: Build Smarter Apps Using Formulas and Workflow
September 10

Training: Essentials
:: New York, NY
September 8
:: Atlanta, GA
September 15
:: San Mateo, CA
October 6

Training: Visualforce, Apex, and DaaS
:: San Mateo, CA
September 8
:: New York, NY
September 15
:: Atlanta, GA
September 29

Training: Application Laboratory
:: London, UK
September 29
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