February 2011 Developer Force Newsletter
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New Toolkits for Integration
Having your apps and data in the cloud means that you can integrate them with pretty much any connected device or platform, whether it's the latest tablet, a legacy enterprise system, or even an app on
New Force.com Toolkits
Facebook. If you want to create such an integration, check out the new Force.com toolkits for iOS, Android, Ruby, Azure, Facebook and PHP!
Sharing your Code
Code Share is a directory of open source Force.com
code projects. Here's the latest:
Hot Discussions
Visit the Force.com discussion boards for more information,
tips, and solutions on a variety of topics.
Tech Force
Tweets from Followers
@mikebz: cool little trick from @forcedotcom webinar - reRender in Visualforce. You can get Ajax effects with very little code. I like it!
@pbattisson: Best way to start your day - 500 line of code, 100% test coverage #Salesforce #ForceDotCom #TDD #TheWayItShouldBe
Community Profile Highlight
Since registering on the Force.com Developer Discussion Boards in June 2010, Imran Muhammad has shot to the top of the contributor list, earning 'Super Contributor' status in record time, and establishing himself firmly at the top of the leader board for tagging. Imran has a diverse skill set that includes Apex, Visualforce, S-Controls, Flex, Java, web services, Ajax, XML, Oracle, SQL and more, giving him the ability to span platforms and integrate technologies. Thanks to his dedication to answering questions, posing interesting problems to the community, and leading the way in organizing information in our community, Imran has distinguished himself as a leader in stewardship of the community. Thank you!
February 2011 Issue
Calendar of Events  
Cloudforce 2011
New York City, NY
Paris, France
Live Webinar
Apex Code - Intro to Programming on Force.com
Success Stories
Inspiring stories about applications
built on Force.com.
builds cloud-based litigation market intelligence tool on Force.com
Force.com helps transform the way the world uses energy
App of the Month
Built by industry veterans, GreatVines is designed to address account development, trade marketing, order entry, depletions,
GreatVines Beverage Solutions
allocations and business intelligence issues unique to beverage alcohol producers and distributors.
Job Highlights
The jobs market for skilled Force.com developers continues to grow and expand. One agency, Resource On Demand, is seeking to fill many different roles in many locations in the UK. Check out their listing, and visit the Jobs board to find the perfect position for you!
Jobs board
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