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Salesforce Chatter is a
new real-time collaboration
platform, built on,
which lets you build collaborative
cloud-computing applications.
Imagine your applications
enhanced with a collaboration
Chatter Collaboration Cloud - Developer Preview Tech Talk
platform that lets you incorporate rich user profiles, real
time status updates, feeds for monitoring applications
and people, and more. This opens up an entirely new
world, a social world, for your data, your applications,
and the people that use them!
Join the Chatter Developer Preview Tech Talk on March 15
and be on the leading edge of building apps on the
Chatter collaboration platform. We'll also share details on
how to participate in the developer preview.
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Code Share is a directory of open source
code projects. Here's the latest:
apex-lang: Inspired by the Apache Commons Lang project,
this project consists of Apex Code classes and methods
that mirror those in Commons Lang.
Inspiring stories about applications built on
Alava Ingenieros increased sales revenues by 25%
in 12 months with Salesforce CRM.
Ansley Capital Group banks on Salesforce CRM as a
business process management platform.
Tech Talk
Training: Building Apps with and Visualforce
London, UK
March 22
Training: Apex and
Visualforce Controllers
San Mateo, CA
March 15
Paris, France
March 22
Training: Integrations
New York, NY
March 16
Visit the discussion
boards for more information, tips and
solutions on a variety of topics:
CloudCraze for eCommerce
EDL Consulting
recently published
their CloudCraze
for eCommerce
application on the AppExchange.
Built natively on,
CloudCraze for eCommerce gives
any organization and its users
the power of near instantaneous
e-commerce capabilities through
seamless integration with
Salesforce CRM and Sites.
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