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November 2009—Issue 45   
  New Free Workbook, Cheat Sheets and Books unveiled at Dreamforce  

New, Free, Workbook, Cheat Sheets and Books unveiled at Dreamforce The brand new Cheat Sheets went like hot cakes at Dreamforce '09, and they're now available for download. The cheat sheets are concise reference guides that cover Apex code, Visualforce, the Web Services API and formulas - summarizing the most important aspects of each technology in a compact and searchable form.

Dreamforce '09 also saw the introduction of a brand new Workbook, a set of ten short tutorials that introduce different aspects of to developers and admins—perfect for getting your feet wet or extending your knowledge of the platform.

In addition to the workbook, expanded and revised versions of two books, the Fundamentals and Cookbook, were also released. Fundamentals, the quintessential introduction to building apps with the point-and-click features of the platform, has been expanded, updated and made available online. The Cookbook, a compilation of code samples that shows you how to extend your apps, is also now available online. The new edition includes many additional recipes covering everything from Visualforce templates to Web-to-lead forms.

As always, reference the Documentation page on Developer Force to access all of these resources.

  Catch up on the Zone from Dreamforce ’09 - Sessions now Online  
Miss Dreamforce ’09? Zone for Developers was bigger and better! The Zone at Dreamforce was a hive of learning activity—and we've just put the best bits online. Visit the Dreamforce '09 Zone site on Developer Force and get a taste of the event and the sessions. The site lists all the sessions and activities, and also includes session slides and videos—more of which will be rolled out over the next few days.

Something else you'll want to cach up on is the new platform for enterprise collaboration announced—Salesforce Chatter. This opens up business collaboration, and a completely new way of thinking about your apps and interactions between people on the platform. Check out the platform page for Chatter to learn more about profiles, status updates, groups, feeds, social content, security, API and more.

In the words of Parker Harris: "Your apps are talking!"
  New Resources
  :: Single Sign-On with SAML on  
    Single Sign-On with SAML on Force.comImplementing a Single Sign-On (SSO) infrastructure allows users to sign in once and have access to all authorized resources. This article demonstrates how to implement SSO on by showing how to set up your own open source identity management system for federated authentication using SAML 2, and how to configure the platform to utilize your new identify provider.

  :: Workbook WorkbookThe (completely rewritten) Workbook is a set of ten tutorials that introduce to developers and admins. These tutorials take you step-by-step through the creation of a custom inventory application for a book warehouse, culminating in the creation of a public Web store front (using Sites) and a stand-alone desktop application using Adobe Flash Builder for

  :: Cookbook Cookbook The Cookbook is an extensive compilation of code samples that show you how to extend your applications using workflow, approvals, Apex, Visualforce, the web services API, email, and Sites. This revised edition of the workbook contains more than a dozen additional recipes, and is also now available in an online version.

  :: Fundamentals FundamentalsThe Fundamentals book is the quintessential introduction to building applications with the point-and-click features of the platform. This new edition includes more features and functionality, including a newly expanded final chapter on Visualforce and Sites. The book is also now available in an online version.

  :: Cheat Sheets Cheat Sheets The Cheat Sheets are a set of concise reference guides, summarizing the most important aspects of each technology in a compact, searchable and printable form. Cheat Sheets are now available for Apex code, Visualforce, the Web Services API, and formulas.

  Sharing your Code
  :: for Twilio  
    Shar your code

Twilio provides a simple web services API and markup language for building voice applications that make and receive phone calls. for Twilio is an open source Apex and Visualforce library for accessing Twilio, letting you easily create applications that interact with phones via Twilio.

In common with all projects on Code Share, this project is open source. If you would like to participate, either by writing code, fixing or reporting bugs, writing documentation or helping out in any other way, please join a project by logging into Code Share and sending a message to the project owner.

  Spotlight on Innovators
Here are inspiring success stories about applications built on
  :: CRC Health Group CRC Health Builds Custom Solutions on to Streamline Intake Process and Increase Web-Generated Revenue
  :: E*Assist E*Assist Captures New Market Opportunity in the Cloud with
  From the Boards
  :: Visualforce Development  
    student wanted to have a Visualforce action method that received an object as parameter. It turned out that he couldn't do that, but with bob_buzzard's help he found a workaround.  
  :: Apex Code Development  
    Jim Boudreaux was wondering about a solution to his problem of running across the Script Statement Governor Limits in his Apex code. SteveBower explained how a possible solution would work.
  :: Sites  
    BrandiT was getting a strange error message when creating a new site. Bulent came to the rescue explaining the things that happen behind the scenes when creating a new site, giving BrandiT the key to solve his problem.
  :: General Development  
    Gina199 needed some help to validate a custom object. deepz and Aslam_Kamal_86 worked to find a solution to her problem, which turned out to be a simple validation rule.
  :: Jobs  
    The jobs ecosystem is still seeing a lot of growth and activity. Check out the & group @ oDesk!
  From the Blogs
  :: Getting to Know You – a First-Hand First-Timer's experience with  
    Umit recently started work at and in this post she shares her newbie take on working through the new Workbook.  
  :: Every Site has a Guest User with its own Time Zone  
    Jon points out that each individual Site is associated with a guest user and profile (assigned to anonymous visitors), which also determines time zone information for the visitors to the site.  
  :: Connecting the Clouds  
    Quinton reminisces about Dreamforce Day 2, and provides some code for a Google Wave Robot that returns data.  
  :: PHP Client for Bulk API  
    The Bulk API was recently introduced to rapidly insert, update, and upsert data. Ryan writes about how he implemented a PHP client for the API as part of his Workbench project, and how this client is now available as an independent project.  
  :: Where have all the Use Cases gone?  
    Quinton is a big fan of uses cases, user stories and agile methodologies. In this post he provides 5 best practices for writing agile use cases, which include simplicity, pre- and post-conditions, and giving developers time to chew on the use cases.  
 App of the Month: Benelicious
   App of the Month Congrats to the Benelicious team for building the winning application in the 40 Partner Innovation Showcase. Benelicious is an employee benefits management application built entirely on the platform, and leverages the workflow engine, Apex code, and Visualforce. Replacing traditional spreadsheets and paper, Benelicious allows companies to give their employees an up-to-date view of their benefits enrollments and supports insurance and payroll exports to automate eligibility tracking and management reporting.


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