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October 2009—Issue 43   
  Experience the Zone @ Dreamforce '09—Home Away from Home  

 Experience the Zone @ Dreamforce '09 - Home Away from Home Dreamforce features a unique combination of developer events created with one goal: to deliver a valuable and fun learning, networking and technical experience!

Take, for example, the outstanding tracks and technical sessions, or the practical hands-on training sessions. For that little something that merges fun and networking and technical and learning, there'll also be a '09 Hackathon! All of these activities are centered around the Zone—the place to be. Stay tuned to our blog for details of the hackathon.

Here are some of the other fun Zone activities:
:: Get your hands on the completely revised Workbook of quick-start tutorials
:: Take home awesome, new laminated cheat sheets covering Apex, Visualforce and more.
:: Tweet with the rest of the Developer Force twitter community
:: Lounge in the Stratus Café, sponsored by Adobe, and learn more about Adobe Flash Builder for
:: Participate in the '09 Hackathon
The Zone is the place to be! We'll all be there—and we can't wait to meet you!
  New Adobe© Flash© Builder™ for—RIAs in the Cloud  
New Adobe© Flash© Builder™ for—RIAs in the Cloud Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) let you combine the versatility and flexibility of web applications with the rich characteristics of desktop applications. The new Adobe© Flash© Builder™ for, jointly developed by Adobe and, lets you build a breed of RIAs that combine the power of the Adobe Flash Platform and the cloud computing platform.

This new IDE has a number of innovative features. For example it has online and offline data synchronization and management, including a local data store, letting you create apps that work even when they're not connected. When you do connect, you can make use of the conflict resolution service to help sync the changes back to app. The IDE lets you compose the applications effortlessly too, and includes a gamut of user interface components for presenting, and visualizing your data—including charting and animation.

Adobe Flash Builder for is currently in developer preview; so while it's not suitable for production work, it is perfect for you to get started and exploring a rich new way to build on

Register to download, and be sure to attend the upcoming webinar (November 3) that covers all the details of building RIAs for!
  New Resources
  :: Winter '10 Documentation  
    Winter '10 DocumentationWinter '10 has now been released, and the release page points to many useful resources. The most important of the resources is the documentation list, where you will find the release notes, updated (version 17) versions of the documentation, as well as additional guides on new features, such as the Bulk Data Developer's Guide. The Web Services API is now available in Chinese as well.

  :: Tech Talk: Team Development on with Subversion and CruiseControl  
    Tech Talk: Team Development on with Subversion and CruiseControlA development lifecycle involving multiple developers requires coordination throughout the entire cycle. You'll probably need multiple orgs, as well as a shared source code repository. This recorded webinar shows an approach to team development and automated testing using Subversion, CruiseControl and other tools.
  :: Introduction to Developing Commercial Apps on  
    Introduction to Developing Commercial Apps on Creating Professional PDF Documents with CSS and VisualforceThis article, focused squarely on teams that are developing applications to be sold to external customers, describes what the application development process looks like on It describes how your team can add additional developers to an in-progress development project, and how your team can use version control in your development process.

  :: Tech Talk: Introduction to Security  
    Tech Talk: Introduction to SecuritySecuring your data and applications is critical, and provides a number of features to help you do this, ranging from network restriction to user profiles and data visibility controls. This recorded webinar provides an overview of these security features.

  :: Free Training – iTunes Too  
    Free Training – iTunes Too There are two new sources of free training. For administrators, expand your horizons and careers by learning how to create the applications your business needs with this free training. You can now also access over 30 hours of classroom training as podcasts on iTunes.

  Sharing your Code
  :: Workbench 2  
    Shar your code

A new version of Workbench is now available for use. It now features support for the Bulk API and a handful of other new features and bug fixes. If you are not already familiar with Workbench, it is an API testing and troubleshooting tool that essentially combines the functions of the Data Loader, Apex Explorer, and System Log into one on-demand application.

In common with all projects on Code Share, this project is open source. If you would like to participate, either by writing code, fixing or reporting bugs, writing documentation or helping out in any other way, please join a project by logging into Code Share and sending a message to the project owner.

  Welcome Our New Innovators
Welcome Our New Innovators Discover the latest customers and ISV partners that have developed successful applications on the world's first platform as a service. You'll learn how these partners delivered cost-effective solutions quickly by building their apps on the platform—and how you can become the next success story.
  :: Japan Post Network Japan Post Network Builds Compliance and Customer Inquiry Apps on
  :: E*Assist E*Assist Captures New Market Opportunity in the Cloud with
  From the Boards
  :: Visualforce Development  
    Paul.Fox had some problems displaying a table with data that came from a class in a Visualforce page. The community helped him to solve his problem, which turned out to be a visibility problem of the fields in the class.
  :: Apex Code Development  
    sparky was confused by a reference to a package he had installed in his DE org instance that was appearing in his class, but that he wasn't actually using. What puzzled him most was the fact that this reference didn't appear in production environment. A_Smith came to explain what was going on behind the scenes.
  :: Sites  
    admintrmp needed to track sessions for the users of his page. Bulent gave him some tips to implement what he was looking for.
  :: General Development  
    werewolf helped jonathan rico with a problem he was having trying to login and use the Web services API with Customer Portal users.
  :: Jobs  
    The jobs ecosystem is still seeing a lot of growth and activity. Check out the & group @ oDesk!

  From the Blogs
  :: Getting in Front of the Wave  
    Dave provides some fascinating thoughts on Google Wave and how it can be used on, together with a neat video illustrating a Google Wave robot that interacts with the platform.  
  :: Lookup Filters Beta Release in Winter '10  
    Quinton points out how he utilizes Ideas and the latest release notes when coding. He also introduces lookup filters, which restrict the valid values and lookup dialog results for a field.  
  :: Interesting Links 2009-October-09  
    Jon introduces something new: interesting external blog posts related to This week he highlights posts on Google Wave, preparing an org, preventing recursive future method calls, user groups, calendar popups, list shorthand syntax and OOP in controllers.  
  :: Passing Javascript values to Apex Controller  
    Dave shows how to use ActionFunction and Param tags to pass JavaScript values to an Apex Controller.  
  :: Quiz—how can you have 100% test coverage in Sandbox and 0% in production?  
    Nick poses that interesting question! His answer is, "if your test suite is not self contained i.e. it depends on specific data in Sandbox." As Nick points out, "the right way to write test methods is to make them self contained i.e. not depend on data in a particular org."  
  :: Integrating Flex into Visualforce Pages  
    Ryan shows how to embed Flex into Visualforce pages using the apex:flash tag, and use static resources (and sometimes documents) to host the Flex files on  
 App of the Month: Dinero by Jobscience
   App of the Month Congrats to the Jobscience team for building Dinero, their winning entry in the $50,000 Cloud Computing Challenge. Dinero is an expense management application built entirely on the platform, and leverages the workflow engine, Apex code, and native mobile technologies. Expenses can be entered from a mobile device or from the desktop. Dinero even allows employees to import online banking or credit card activity with Quicken files.


Adobe Flash Builder for Developer Preview
Behind the Cloud Zone @ Dreamforce '09

Calendar of Events
:: Dreamforce '09: San Francisco
November 17-20
:: Cloudforce London
December 8
Tech Talk: Upcoming Live Webinars
:: Tech Talk: Adobe Flash Builder for Developer Preview
Online—November 3
Weekly Webinar: Fastest Path to SaaS
:: Getting Started as a ISV Partner, Online—Mondays, 10am PDT
Training: Building Apps with and Visualforce
:: Paris, France
• November 30
:: New York, NY
• December 7
:: San Mateo, CA
• December 7
:: Irvine, CA
• December 14

Training: Apex and Visualforce Controllers
:: New York, NY
• November 2
:: Atlanta, GA
• November 9
:: Dublin, Ireland
• November 30
:: San Mateo, CA
• November 30
:: Toronta, ON
• November 30
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  CRM Buyer
  Dell, Join Forces in SMB Territory
  CNBC: Mad Money
  Executive Decision: CEO Marc Benioff
  InformationWeek, Cisco Team Up On Cloud Offering
  Salesforce CEO enters enemy turf at Oracle World
  ZDNet Plays In the Enterprise—Again
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