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September 2009—Issue 42   
  Developer Challenge Results [linktag: promo_devchallenge]  
Developer Challenge Results and Dreamforce Learning For two months a staggering number of developers, scattered all over the earth, have been toiling away at the second Developer Challenge! The challenge was simple and open-ended: build an app on, learn, and have fun. There was also mention of a MacBook Pro and other goodies, which seems to have provided an incentive! Five of us pored over the entries looking for that little something that excited us - we looked for style, for technical ability, for pizzaz, and that little x-factor.

So without further ado, here are the top three outstanding submissions:
:: The Cookbook, by Wes Nolte, gets the MacBook Pro! It's novel, provides interesting search, keywording, ranking and relatedness features, has a great clean UI, integrates print and reCAPTCHA, and much more.
:: Appiphony Relay's blogging engine by Les Kismartoni boasts a number of features including multiple author blogging, multiple profiles/users, advanced WYSIWYG editing, CAPTCHA, Email-to-Post, and more, gets the runner up iPod Touch!
:: enduranceAthelete from Tim Inman also gets an iPod Touch for their solution to planning, tracking and analysing workouts, complete with video overviews.

Seven runners up, listed on the challenge wrapup page, will all be receiving iPod Nanos—with t-shirts and our heartfelt thanks to the rest! These applications are inspiring in their diversity, and will hopefully encourage you to try something new on the platform. Look out for our next challenge, or if you can't wait, join us for the hackathon at Dreamforce!

  Dreamforce is a place to learn!  

Double Header: Preview Rich New Features in Winter ‘10 Release PreviewDreamforce is a hive of learning opportunities. Yes, you can learn about partners, opportunities and products, but you can also learn how to get started on, how to be a better developer on the platform, and even what to unlearn.

If you're keen to start developing after working as an admin, check out the Admin to AppBuilder track, and of course we have tracks for IT Executives and Partners. On top of all that, you'll also find the Immersion Lab and Dev Zone, and have the opportunity for 1-on-1 code consultations.

Here are some of the great learning opportunities that you'll find at this year's Dreamforce:
:: The Beginner Developers track is the place to be if you're new to These sessions cover the basics, such as user interface, database and security. You'll also find a number of great hands-on sessions too.
:: The Advanced Developers track covers a wide range of topics, from designing apps for commercial success through to the new Bulk API and Facebook & Flex integrations.
:: Backstage Pass is the inside track, giving you behind-the-scenes information. Here you'll discover lessons we've learned while building our own sites, and you'll have a chance to meet some of the development team.
That's a lot of learning to be done, and we hope you'll join us!
PS. Check out this contest if you're keen to win free passes, travel, and accommodation to Dreamforce!
  New Resources
  :: as a Google Visualization Data Source [linktag:resources_google_viz] as a Google Visualization Data SourceVisualizing data through the use of dynamic graphs, charts and other graphics, is often a powerful way of creating meaning from your data. This article shows how to expose data in a way that is compliant with the Google Visualization API, which then lets you and others create and embed powerful and dynamic visualizations of your data on external web sites.

  :: Tech Talk: Developing Rich User Interfaces on Using Adobe Flex [linktag:resource_tt_flex]  
    Tech Talk: Developing Rich User Interfaces on Using Adobe FlexLearn how to build and integrate Adobe Flex with applications. This recorded webinar shows how to integrate Flex components and Visualforce, how to visualize data using Flex, and discusses the benefits of a Flex/Visualforce solution.
  :: Creating Professional PDF Documents with CSS and Visualforce [linktag:resource_pdf]  
    Creating Professional PDF Documents with CSS and lets you easily generate PDFs on the fly, based on a simple attribute of a Visualforce page. The key to professional looking PDFs is styling, and you can accomplish the styling of generated PDFs by modifying the cascading style sheets (CSS) of the page. This article provides an overview of CSS styling, showing you how to improve the look and feel of your PDFs.

  :: Winter '10 Platform Release Preview [linkgtag:resources_winter10]  
    Winter '10 Platform Release PreviewThe Winter '10 Platform Release Preview is out, and you can now access the release notes, view screencasts of a few of the new features in action, watch a recent webinar recording, and sign up for a release preview org that lets you immediately start experimenting with the new features!

  Sharing your Code
  :: Relay [linktag:code_relay]  
    Shar your code

Interested in a blog built purely on Check out Appiphony's latest contribution to Code Share - a 100% native Apex and Visualforce blogging engine, which boasts a number of features including multiple author blogging, multiple profiles/users, advanced WYSIWYG editing, CAPTCHA, Email-to-Post, Feeds, Archive and Search. There's also a single click install!

In common with all projects on Code Share, this project is open source. If you would like to participate, either by writing code, fixing or reporting bugs, writing documentation or helping out in any other way, please join a project by logging into Code Share and sending a message to the project owner.

  Welcome Our New Innovators
Welcome Our New Innovators Discover the latest customers and ISV partners that have developed successful applications on the world's first platform as a service. You'll learn how these partners delivered cost-effective solutions quickly by building their apps on the platform—and how you can become the next success story.
  :: CRM manager: A Philadelphia firm finds success by structuring its services and seizing opportunities [linktag: si_cm]
  :: American Data Company: American Data Company Finds Freedom in the Cloud With [linktag: si_adc]
  From the Boards
  :: Visualforce Development  
    Sikibu was puzzling over why a CommandButton that was working perfectly fine, stopped working after he added a rerender attribute to it. As ThomasTT pointed out, Shikibu simply needed to check for != 0 instead of >0 in his formula. [linktag:board_visualforce]
  :: Apex Code Development  
    SelectedPartner and Bharathwaj stepped up to help out mdangond, who doesn't know Apex at all. By generously posting code on how to do simple account duplicate prevention, they showed how friendly our community is to completely new users! [linktag:board_apex]
  :: Sites  
    Infhyd was confounded by an "Authorization Required" error that prevented users from submitting a form. Bulent helped solve the conundrum by figuring out that there was a validation rule on the object that was throwing an uncaught error. [linktag:board_sites]
  :: General Development  
    LeeFranke wanted to recreate fairly simple functionality found on e-commerce sites: the ability to check a box and copy the billing address into the shipping address, when the two are the same. CaptainObvious had an elegant solution that helped accomplish that with clicks, not code. [linktag:board_gen_dev]
  :: Jobs  
    The jobs ecosystem is seeing a lot of growth and activity - we had more than 100 jobs posted to the new & group @ oDesk! [linktag: board_job]
  From the Blogs
  :: The 3x5 Case for [linktag:blog_35]  
    As Goldfinger said to James Bond, "Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence." The third time something happens, you have to take it seriously, and that's what's happened with productivity measurements for development on  
  :: Show Us Why You Want to Go to Dreamforce, Win Passes, Travel & More! [linktag:blog_dreamforcepass]  
    Take 60 seconds off your schedule and make a short video telling us why you want to go to Dreamforce, before October 15th! If you win, you will get the complete VIP treatment. Finalists receive Dreamforce passes and Flip cameras.  
  :: Automating the selection of Org Wide Addresses  
    Organization-Wide Email Addresses is a feature that allows multiple users to share the same email address. In this post, Quinton shows how to automatically select a different org-wide email address depending on the domain name of the account.  
  :: If Not Today, Then Tomorrow[linktag:blog_ifnottoday]  
    A post from Peter answering the question, "At what point will it no longer be advantageous for application owners to define infrastructure in terms of servers, storage, and security devices?"  
  :: Understanding Apex Sharing Rules from a Business Perspective [linktag:blog_apex_sharing]  
    Quinton explores sharing, and remind us that record-level sharing settings can only be used to grant more permissive access to records. Record-level sharing settings cannot be used to restrict access to records.  
  :: Integrating Flex into Visualforce Pages [linktag:blog_flex_vf]  
    Ryan shows how to embed Flex into Visualforce pages using the apex:flash tag, and use static resources (and sometimes documents) to host the Flex files on  
 App of the Month: CollabNet Distributed ALM for Developers T&E [linktag:app_of_month_collab]
   App of the Month CollabNet has contributed an Eclipse IDE package to AppExchange, which integrates CollabNet and plug-ins for distributed team-based software development. The combined solution allows developers to access CollabNet's application lifecycle management (ALM) platform. As a result, users have access to all software lifecycle assets and tools in Subversion, TeamForge & from within the Eclipse IDE, including features such as issue tracking, workflow, document management, collaboration and continuous integration.  


Tech Talk Series: Security & Team Development on
[linktag: cta_tech_sec] Zone @ Dreamforce '09
[linktag: cta_df09]
Tech Talk Series: Security & Team Development on
[linktag: cta_tech_teamdev]

Calendar of Events
Tech Talk: Upcoming Live Webinars
:: Introduction to Security
Online—October 1, 10am PDT
:: Team Development on
Online—October 20, 10am PDT
Weekly Webinar: Fastest Path to SaaS
:: Getting Started as a ISV Partner, Online—Mondays, 10am PDT
Training: Building Apps with and Visualforce
:: Atlanta, GA
• October 19
:: Dublin, Ireland
• October 19
:: San Mateo, CA
• October 26
:: London, United Kingdom
• Octboer 26

Training: Apex and Visualforce Controllers
:: Chicago, IL
• October 5
:: London, United Kingdom
• October 5
:: Paris, France
• October 5
:: San Mateo, CA
• October 12
  News Highlights
  COMPUTERWORLD Launches Service Cloud 2 [linktag:news_cw]
  One Small Step for, One Giant Leap for Cloud Kind [linktag:news_id]
  ARN launches VAR program [linktag:news_ard]
  Move into the cloud has brought profound changes to IT organization [linktag:news_iw]
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