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August 2009—Issue 41   
  Your Dreamforce,Your Success  
Your Dreamforce,Your SuccessDreamforce is not about far-fetched, lofty theories—it's about taking your ideas and making them real! If you are a developer, coming to Dreamforce is like getting a back-stage pass to Dreamforce is where you go to learn what's new, to connect with peers, to win deals and to wow customers. It's also where you go to meet fellow Developer Force members, interrogate gurus, share coding experience, and so much more! This year is no exception, so join us at the Cloud Computing Event of the year in San Francisco!
There are plenty of activities for developers, architects and IT managers:
:: Discover best practices
:: Learn in dozens of hands-on labs
:: Solve problems in the new private 1-on-1 cloud consultations
:: Plunge into the new not-yet-released Workbook
:: Tweet and code from the new Developer Loft
:: Network with thousands of global peers

Also be sure to check out the Facebook Dreamforce Fan Page to start connecting today, and take part in the Dreamforce video contest for some great prizes (including free passes).
The early bird registration is open—see you there!
  Preview Rich New Features in Winter ‘10 Release

Double Header: Preview Rich New Features in Winter ‘10 Release PreviewJoin us this month for a presentation of on the exciting new Winter ’10 features. We’ll start off with an interactive preview of upcoming innovations in, such as batch Apex, Bulk API and Site integration with Portal. This will be followed by an equally intriguing look at new features in Salesforce CRM Cloud Apps, such as Inspector, Quoting, Dynamic campaign viewing and much more. Attend either part or come to both for the full picture.

Register today—and get a head start on Winter ’10.

  New Resources
  :: An Overview of User Management and Sign-on  
    A Comprehensive Look at the Cloud PlatformThe general process of managing users and their domain of influence in a system is often called identity management. This article introduces identity management on It looks at user provisioning, authentication and authorization, and points at the more advanced sign-on features such as SAML.

  :: Using CruiseControl for Continuous Integration on  
    Using CruiseControl for Continuous Integration on Force.comContinuous integration refers to the practice of frequently integrating and testing code, rather than waiting until the end of a project or development cycle. The process is often automated as well. This article shows you how to setup a continuous integration system using the popular CruiseControl tool.
  :: Tech Talk: for Google App Engine for Java  
    Tech Talk: for Google App Engine for JavaAs the crowds move to the clouds, connecting the clouds becomes more important than ever. This recorded webinar shows how to bridge the and Google App Engine clouds. It points to the relevant libraries to get you started quickly, and has some great demos.

  :: How to Write Good Unit Tests  
    How to Write Good Unit TestsWriting good tests isn't just about code coverage; it's about confirming expected behavior. This article shows how to craft good unit tests. It explores the proper structure of unit tests, the code scenarios that unit tests should cover, and the properties of well-written unit tests.

  :: Tech Talk: Architecting Commercial Applications  
    Tech Talk: Architecting Commercial Applications Learn about important architectural decisions ISVs need to make when architecting an application. This recorded webinar examines issues such as whether an app should be native or not, and the implications of supporting particular product editions. Also see the accompanying article Architecting a Commercial Application.

  Sharing your Code
  :: CMSForce  
    Shar your code Interested in a content management system built purely on David Van Puyvelde has made a great start with his CMSForce—which also supports Sites. It uses templates that define the look and feel of the pages in your CMS—these can use HTML, Flash, CSS and so on. You can then use these templates to create/edit/update pages in the CMS using a nice WYSIWYG editor. Interestingly, it also includes a point-and-click definition of forms to collect information from your website into any standard or custom object. This is a great little project—feel free to join in, take it for a spin, check out the source, and rate it on Code Share as well!

In common with all projects on Code Share, these projects are open source. If you would like to participate, either by writing code, fixing or reporting bugs, writing documentation or helping out in any other way, please join a project by logging into Code Share and sending a message to the project owner.

  Welcome Our New Innovators
Welcome Our New Innovators Discover the latest customers and ISV partners that have developed successful applications on the world's first platform as a service. You'll learn how these partners delivered cost-effective solutions quickly by building their apps on the platform—and how you can become the next success story.
  :: BlueWolf: Bluewolf Stays Ahead of the Pack With
  :: JobScience: Jobscience Discovers New Business Opportunities in the Cloud with the Platform
  From the Boards
  :: Visualforce Development  
    RajMania had a question about displaying related lists with custom controllers. Thangasan pointed them to the developer's guide, and even added some example code and hints for tests.
  :: Apex Code Development  
    Jim Boudreaux asks what he calls a "newbie question": how do I get my code to production, when I get a test coverage error every time I try to do that? It's a common problem, one ably solved by Simon Fell by showing Jim how to write a simple test method.
  :: Sites  
    TehNrd asks about how many page views he can get in Developer Edition. RyanGuest points out that he should be looking at bandwidth consumption and clears up what the service requests time limit means.
  :: General Development  
    In case you were wondering, there is a new version of CTI toolkit that does support the new Firefox 3.5 browser. Interactive raised a compatibility issue on the boards almost as soon as the browser came out, and this month, Marco posted an update that a new version was available.
  :: Jobs  
    The jobs ecosystem is seeing a lot of growth and activity—we had 109 jobs posted to the new & group @ oDesk!
  From the Blogs
  :: A Long Enough Runway  
    Great reading from Peter, who suggests that "the forthcoming tsunami of thick-client hype is going to wash up on a deserted beach, while thin-client access—netbooks and smart phones—to cloud-based applications will represent the target-rich environment for developers who want to win."  
  :: Cron in Apex Idea—Snowmen and Winter '10  
    Jon notes that while Winter '10 is still in our future, it's worth noting that Ideas has just been updated with Ideas Coming in Winter '10, and that among these is one for adding Cron-like scheduling mechanism.  
  :: Automating the selection of Org Wide Addresses  
    Organization-Wide Email Addresses is a feature that allows multiple users to share the same email address. In this post, Quinton shows how to automatically select a different org-wide email address depending on the domain name of the account.  
  :: Graphical Representation of Code Coverage  
    Did you know that you can generate really nice diagrams of your test coverage? Jon shows how, and includes some nice graphics showing the result.  
  :: More Secure Sites Forms with Encrypted Keys  
    John shows a more secure way of publicly including IDs in URLs. His technique, which involves adding an encrypted version of the ID, ensures that curious hackers can't easily guess a valid ID and view the record.  
  :: Object Oriented Apex—Practical Usage  
    Dave shows a practical application of virtual classes in Apex, which allows a custom component to communicate with a controller (used in Visualforce)—he has a nice little demo application as well.  
 App of the Month: Accorto Cloud T&E App of the Month Just a few short months ago, the team at Accorto launched Accorto Cloud T&E, a time and expense application built entirely on the platform. Replacing outdated offline and spreadsheet-based process, the Accorto Cloud T&E solution automates the capture and approval processes associated with expense reporting. Accorto Cloud T&E uses the workflow engine and Apex code to help manage the unique business rules of a company's expense policies, and was a finalist in the $50,000 Cloud Computing Challenge.  
Winter '10 Webinar Registration
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Tech Talk: Upcoming Live Webinars
:: Developing Rich User Interfaces with Adobe Flex Online—August 27, 10am PDT
:: Winter '10 Release Preview Online—September 15, 10am PDT
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:: Getting Started as a ISV Partner, Online—Mondays, 10am PDT
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