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June 2009 - Issue 39 Sites is GA, and Free Edition is Free!  
 Title: Find and Post Jobs on the New Jobs Group at oDesk Sites is now GA! This opens up an entirely new vista on the kinds of applications you can now build because you can now surface your user interfaces on public web pages. Web sites, web applications, e-commerce sites—the sky's the limit! And all backed by's database, security, logic and presentation capabilities. Head on over the Sites Gallery for more inspiration!

Just as exciting as building public web applications, is building them for free. free edition does what it says on the tin. It's a 100-user, unlimited login, single application, sandbox supported edition. It's capable of Visualforce and Apex too. Moreover, it's free. Free for deployment. If you're using your Developer Edition environment for development, continue doing so. However, if you want to take that application and deploy it, at no cost, check out free edition.

  Find and Post Jobs on the New Jobs Group at oDesk  
 Title: Find and Post Jobs on the New Jobs Group at oDesk

You've got developer skills—and now you've also got access to a marketplace for those skills! Perhaps you're an integration whizz, master of WSDL. Or perhaps you're a configuration boff, or a Visualforce user interface developer par excellence, or a workflow wizard. These are all skills that most developers do not have—and that's valuable. Cloud computing has taken off, and with it comes a booming job market that requires these skills.

The popular Jobs Board on Developer Force has demonstrated the need for an enhanced platform for finding and posting jobs. Consequently , we've partnered with oDesk to pilot a new jobs group exclusively available to Developer Force community members. Whether you're a skilled developer looking for that next job, or a customer or partner wanting to find and hire developers to work on small integrations and freelance projects, this is the place to be.

Try out the Jobs Group pilot at oDesk now, and put your skills to work.

  New Resources
  :: Toolkit for Adobe AIR and Flex Toolkit for Adobe AIR and FlexThe Toolkit for Adobe AIR and Flex toolkit has just been refreshed to support the latest Web Services API. The toolkit lets you write rich internet applications that interact with These applications can also be embedded in your applications, creating a rich user interface to your data. This tutorial shows you how to install the toolkit and write a simple application that displays queried data from your environment.

  :: Using with Subversion for Team Development  

Using with Subversion for Team DevelopmentA version control system can be an invaluable tool in enabling productive team development and release management. This short tutorial shows you how to start using Subversion, a free, open source version control system, with It walks you through the creation of a Subversion repository, as well as the set up of the team development environments. By establishing a shared code repository, you will be taking the first step to enabling the team development of applications.

  :: An Introduction to Sites  

An Introduction to Sites enables developers to build and deploy public web sites and web applications using This article provides a comprehensive introduction to Sites. It shows how to create your first Site, and illustrates the major areas of functionality such as security, syndication feeds, site audit history, error pages, usage reports and caching.

  :: Adding CAPTCHA to Sites  

Adding CAPTCHA to SitesA CAPTCHA is a challenge-response test used in applications to determine whether a human or a computer is interacting with the application. You've probably seen them—colorful images with distorted text at the bottom of Web registration forms. This tutorial describes how to add a CAPTCHA challenge to your Site pages. It uses the popular reCAPTCHA technology to implement the challenge.

  :: Authenticating Users on Sites  
    Authenticating Users on Sites At some point after building web sites on Sites, you'll probably want to authenticate users. For example, you may build a shopping portal, or registering users for a service on the web application. This tutorial shows you how to authenticate users on Sites. It provides a description of Customer Portal, which is needed for the authentication, and shows you how to set up such a site and process to allow site visitors to become authenticated users.  
  :: Tech Talk Series: Introduction to Database  

Tech Talk Series: Introduction to DatabaseThis archived webinar replay provides an introduction to the Database. Persisting data lies at the heart of most applications, and this webinar shows you how to get started. It looks at basic database object creation, as well as the rich user interface that is automatically generated for you. The webinar demonstrates many features of the database, including data validation, page layouts and the creation of a simple data model.

  :: Tech Talk Series: Sites Deep Dive  
    Tech Talk Series: Sites Deep DiveThis archived webinar replay provides an introduction to the Database. Persisting data lies at the heart of most applications, and this webinar shows you how to get started. It looks at basic database object creation, as well as the rich user interface that is automatically generated for you. The webinar demonstrates many features of the database, including data validation, page layouts and the creation of a simple data model.  
  :: for Google App Engine for Java for Google App Engine for for Google App Engine lets you create web and business applications that span both and Google's cloud computing platforms, ones take advantage of the key features of both. The new Java version of the toolkit lets you access the Web Services API from within Java-based Google App Engine applications. It supports the complete Partner WSDL of the Web Services API.

  Sharing your Code
  :: Grails Plugin  

Shar your codeThe Grails Plugin is an open source plugin for use with the Grails web framework, and provides seamless integration with The plugin utilizes the partner WSDL to describe and create a local application domain model from all objects defined within your environment. After the plugin completes all code generation, you will be able to begin querying, creating, updating and deleting data in your environment from your Grails web application.

  :: Survey Shark  

"Don't just fish for the answers you need, hunt them down" - that's the slogan for this project, which is a simple Sites example application. Survey Shark lets you build surveys from a number of questions. You can then create and send invitations that will be used to define who will be requested to take the survey. Finally, Survey Shark also supports a few useful reports for analyzing the data. It's a great project to get you started on and Sites, and also comes with an unmanaged package installation option.

  :: for Google App Engine Java  

This toolkit contains a set of Java libraries designed to run on Google App Engine, allowing App Engine apps to interact with using the Web Services API. Consequently, these apps can interact directly with the native database, workflow and logic capabilities in The project includes an open source SOAP Web Service client that provides transportation and object level access from Google App Engine. This client can also be used with other WSDLs (not only those from

  Welcome Our New Innovators
Discover the latest customers and ISV partners that have developed successful applications on the world's first platform as a service. You'll learn how these partners delivered cost-effective solutions quickly by building their apps on the platform—and how you can become the next success story. Welcome Our New Innovators
  :: Dolby: Improves Sales Processes and State-of-the-Art Customer Service  
  From the Boards
  :: Visualforce Development  
    Can VisualForce display items horizontally? asks ColinKenworthy1. The answer, by wesnolte, involved dropping "the table mentality" as Colin calls it, and tweaking the stylesheets.
  :: Apex Code Development  
    Wilmer had an issue with accessing a sub-query field using dynamic Apex - it seemed to work referencing the child from the parent, but not the other way. Richie D helped Wilmer out with the SOQL that helped solve the issue.
  :: Sites Sites is now GA, as you may have noticed. One of the closely related technologies is the Customer Portal piece, which lets users register and log into your site. "But, what about logout?" wonders Jon Mountjoy. Bulent has a neat and simple answer on how you can provide a way for users to logout.
  :: General Development  
    Sometimes the simple questions are the most interesting, but don't worry, we are not going to wax philosophical. Take Adeptio's request for a very simple introduction to formulas, for example. There's much to be said for some of the great resources that Jon Mountjoy, werewolf & melissapgp offered up in response. So if you're looking for a refresher, check out this thread!
  :: Jobs  
    We have some really exciting news on the jobs board this month - we have partnered with oDesk to provide a jobs group exclusively for Developer Force members! Signup for the & group @ oDesk with your Developer Force member login!
  From the Blogs
  :: IDE for Summer '09 Now Available  
    Jon writes that the Summer '09 version of the IDE is now available. It includes support for Eclipse 3.4, new Summer '09 metadata, and more.  
  :: Sites Story  
    Bulent provides some great history in The Sites Story, Ron writes eloquently about Sites and Free Edition in Amazing Value, Delivered, Andrew points out that Partners - Sites is for you! while Dave points to the upcoming webinar and discussion boards in Soup to Nuts.  
  :: The Recession Can't Stop Innovation in the Cloud  
    Mark points out that it's a great time for entrepreneurs in the cloud, as he writes about the 40 Innovation Showcase, which he describes as "think American Idol for partner applications built on"
  :: Visualforce Developer's Guide Enhancements for Summer '09  
    Caroline writes about a number of enhancements that have been made to the Visualforce documentation, including additional samples in the component reference, new chapters on developing for mobile devices, best practices and more. Also check out her post Follow Doc Updates on Twitter!
 App of the Month: Enbase Energy Desktop App of the Month Just a few weeks ago, the team at Enbase delivered the first-ever app for the oil and gas vertical. Replacing traditional Excel spreadsheets and Access databases, the Enbase Energy Desktop automates the exploration and production processes for energy companies. The Energy Desktop uses extensive workflow rules and a Visualforce user interface to help manage the industry specific business rules, and was a Round 1 semi-finalist in the 40 Innovation Showcase.  
Tech Talk Series: Sites Deep Dive Jobs Free Edition

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