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May 2009 - Issue 38   
  Expand your User Interface Options with Toolkit for Adobe Flex and AIR  
Expand your User Interface Options with Toolkit for Adobe Flex and AIRSome applications require that touch of pizazz; perhaps they're highly interactive, or perhaps they require a rich user interface beyond that which can be built with HTML. Or perhaps you want to experience that same user interface offline, with all that same interactivity.  The Toolkit for Adobe Flex and AIR lets you do all of these things and more, and it's just been updated!

The toolkit now incorporates the latest version of the Web Services API, letting you use Adobe Flex and AIR to build rich internet applications that seamlessly integrate with  Just a few lines of code lets you log in and shoot off a data query to - letting you spend your effort building that stylish and interactive user interface instead.

Have you used the toolkit?  If so, we'd love to hear from you.  We’re looking for toolkit users to participate in a really short online survey.

Please take the survey to let us know how you use Adobe Flex and AIR with and you'll be entered into a draw for a free Flip Video Camcorder.
  Summer '09 Release Preview and Webinar Now Live!    

 Summer '09 Release Preview and Webinar Now Live!


Summer is here to stay! The archived Summer '09 Release Preview webinar is now available, and it spills the beans on all the new features available in the Summer '09 Release Preview. You can also read about them on the Summer '09 Release Preview Page.

Here's a list of some of the new features:
:: A New Graphical Representation of Code Coverage
:: Visualforce Support Within Dashboards
:: A Built-in Process Visualizer
:: Enhanced Declarative Logic for Pick Lists
There's plenty more of course—head on over to the release page to learn more, watch the webinar, and sign up for a free pre-release trial. Enjoy the sun and sea!
  Developer Force Gets a Face Lift    

We move with the times here on Developer Force, and as a result have given our entire Developer Force site a face lift! Quite a few things have changed, all for the better, making the site easier to navigate, making information easier to find, and making it all easier on the eye as well! Check out the new home page, the completely revamped Technical Library and all the ancillary parts of our sites such as Ideas, Code Share and the Discussion Boards to see it all in action! We look forward to your feedback.

  New Resources
  :: for Google App Engine for Java for Google App Engine for for Google App Engine for Java is a library that allows you to access the Web Services API from within Google App Engine applications written in Java. Once it is installed in your Google App Engine application, that application can seamlessly interact with the Web Services API, enabling it to query and manipulate data in a environment.  
  :: An Introduction to Environments  

An Introduction to Environments An environment (also known as an organization) is an instance of the platform that lets you access, deploy or create applications with various feature sets, depending on the configuration of the environment. This article introduces this powerful notion that underlies developing and deploying in the cloud, examines the various types of environments that are used for production, development and testing, and looks at best practices and limits of each type of environment.

  :: Tech Talk Series: Visualforce Components Deep Dive  

Tech Talk Series: Visualforce Components Deep DiveThis archived webinar replay provides an in-depth look at building Visualforce components. Custom Visualforce components let you augment the built-in set of components with your own components that encapsulate presentation, data and logic. The webinar walks you through component creation, shows how to use strongly typed attributes to parameterize components, and provides a number of compelling examples along the way.

  :: Using Apex Managed Sharing to Create Custom Record Sharing Logic  

Using Apex Managed Sharing to Create Custom Record Sharing Logic Apex Managed Sharing allows you to use Apex Code to build sophisticated and dynamic data sharing settings that aren’t otherwise possible. For example, a developer can use Apex Managed Sharing to write a trigger that will automatically share a database record with a user that has been specified in a lookup field. This article examines the architecture of Apex Managed Sharing, looks at the Apex Code that needs to be written to create a share, and provides a sample implementation.

  :: Mobile Development for the iPhone using Visualforce Mobile Development for the iPhone using VisualforceMobile Visualforce pages can easily be rendered on Mobile as a way of enhancing the client with your own screens.  This article shows you how to build custom user interfaces for the iPhone which have that characteristic iPhone look and feel.  The article makes use of the iUI CSS framework and provides a lot of code samples to get you going with your own applications.

  Sharing your Code
  :: Grails Plugin  

Sharing your Code Grails Plugin is an open source rapid application development tool for, which provides seamless integration between Grails and The plugin utilizes the partner WSDL to describe and create a local application domain model from all objects defined within your environment.

  :: Rich Editor Visualforce Component  

This Visualforce component adds a rich-text editor to your component palette. Use it to add advanced text editing features to text areas on Visualforce pages.

In common with all projects on Code Share, this project is open source. If you would like to participate, either by writing code, fixing or reporting bugs, writing documentation or helping out in any other way, please join a project by logging into Code Share and sending a message to the project owner.

  Welcome Our New Innovators
Discover the latest customers and ISV partners that have developed successful applications on the world's first platform as a service. You'll learn how these partners delivered cost-effective solutions quickly by building their apps on the platform—and how you can become the next success story. Here are some recent innovators: Welcome Our New Innovators
  :: Starbucks: MyStarbucksIdea Brews Customer Feedback at Starbucks  
  :: Chicago Housing Authority: Builds Custom Apps on to Meet Unique Public Agency Requirements  
  From the Boards
  :: Visualforce Development  
    If two different buttons point to the same VisualForce page, how do you tell which one the user clicked? This was the question troubling Shiva. Ron Hess helped him out with a neat technique that links the buttons to a URL with a parameter instead of to the Visualforce page directly.
  :: Apex Code Development  
    Simon Fell helped solve Kerwintang's SQL to SOQL conversion question - how do you find the number of parent records whose child records meet certain conditions? Why, by doing a
semi-join of course!
  :: Sites  
    Bulent Cinarkaya, the Product Manager for Sites dishes out customer portal implementation guidance in response to a question about Sites authentication from ollie123.
  :: General Development  
    Kerwintang helped gv resolve what seemed to be a strange discrepancy between results returned by the Data Loader and the Apex Explorer. The solution was to not use alias for the Data Loader query.
  :: Hot Jobs of the Month  
    rdub is looking to hire a Implementation consultant in Atlanta GA. The jobs board has really taken off, so make sure to check it out for more listings!  
  From the Blogs
  :: A Rich Editor Component for Visualforce  
    Ryan writes about his Rich Editor Visualforce Component, also featured in Sharing Your Code. His blog post points out that it's ideal for editing long text fields, and provides a screenshot of it in action.  
  :: Another Method For Testing HTTP Callouts  
    Dave looks at how to test code that makes HTTP callouts by using virtual classes. His test class extends the main class to be tested, and overrides the methods that makes the callouts.  
  :: Give a Little, Gain a Lot  
    Sati writes about's philanthropic model and the Volunteer force application, which can be used to manage your company's volunteering impact. Volunteerforce has been released as an unmanaged package, which means that when you install it you can examine all the source code and learn how it was built.
  :: Testing - It is more than Code Coverage....  
    Nick provides a great overview of various testing approaches, looking at unit testing, integration testing, system testing and user acceptance testing.
 App of the Month: GreatVines by Rogue IT App of the Month Developed by long-time Salesforce CRM admin-turned-developer Jim Thomson, GreatVines from Rogue IT is the first comprehensive winery management and sales application built on Migrating a previous version built using PHP to the cloud, Jim and the Rogue IT team utilized various technologies including workflow, Apex, Visualforce and Google Visualizations to deliver an inventory optimization engine tied directly to an e-commerce website powered by Sites. See it live in action at prestigious cult winery Colgin Cellars.  
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