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November 2008 - Issue 32   
  Three Books Covering the Platform Now Available  
Three Books Covering the Platform Now Available We've just published a new book to help you develop applications on the platform: the Developer Guide--Advanced Programming Techniques for Cloud Computing! This brand new book is aimed at developers--folk who are familiar with basic development approaches, and who are already skilled in the use of some development platform.

The Developer Guide covers both native capabilities, implemented through wizards, and procedural capabilities, created with code and components. To give you an idea of the breadth of this book, check out the table of contents, which includes chapters on database relationships, workflow and approvals, reporting, security, the IDE, Apex, Visualforce, Sites and deployment.

You can download a free PDF version of the book right now - just head over to the Developer Guide Home Page to learn more.

We've also updated 2 of our other books, including coverage of the many new features (such as Sites):
:: Cookbook: Code Samples and Best Practices:
This book is loaded with scores of highly practical code recipes that provide expert methods, patterns, and solutions for building and improving on-demand applications.
:: Fundamentals Book: An Introduction to Custom Application Development in the Cloud:
This book provides a great way to get started building on-demand applications. It provides practical, step-by-step coverage of the platform and how you can use it to build your own on-demand solutions quickly and easily.
Whether you're new to the platform, or an experienced developer, you will find that each book provides a wealth of ideas and advice covering all aspects of the platform. Download and start reading now!
  Introducing Code Share  
    Code Share Development is made so much easier when you have access to open source applications and code that you can simply download and start using! You can now do this even more easily in the Developer Force community with the launch of Code Share, a directory of open source code projects built around the platform.

Code Share is open--projects can be connected to any public code repository, like Google Code for example, where everything is available to inspect. Code Share is also a community--a community of project leaders who have created these code projects and who lead their development, of project members who help code the project and develop new features, and of users, who deploy and use the code. As a result, anyone can create a new project--and of course some will be better than others--but with your votes, bug fixes and contributions the cream will rise to the top!Although we've just launched Code Share, there are already a number of projects. Here's a taster.
:: for Facebook, for Amazon Web Services and Toolkit for Google Data APIs contain the source code for some substantial toolkits that interface with Facebook, Amazon and Google.
:: Salesforce Android is the start of a Google Android mobile application for connecting with the platform.
:: Google Checkout provides basic code for integrating Google Checkout with taking advantage of the Google Checkout Polling API. This could be even more intriguing with Sites!
:: TwitterForce is an Apex class library for accessing the Twitter API, easily posting Twitter updates, or reading the timeline direct from Apex.
So if you want to create your own open source code project, participate in an existing one, or simply use code from a project, head on over to Code Share.
  Dreamforce'08 Wrapup  
    Whether you were at Dreamforce 2008 or not, the conference generated a ton of useful, informative and educational material! We've just published a lot of this material on our Dreamforce Wrap Up page, so head on over and you'll find:
:: The Dreamforce Keynote, delivered by Marc Benioff
:: The platform State of the Union talk
:: Photographs of the Immersion Lab, Tour de Force Zone and the Monday Night Hackathon
:: Access to all online versions of the books that were distributed at the event
:: Videos of over 40 Tour de Force technical sessions

It is hard to capture the energy, vibrancy and social aspects of the conference, but this material will give you a good idea of just how much goes on at Dreamforce. If this puts you in the mood for more, head on over to Dreamforce Europe (April 2009). Registration has just opened with early-bird pricing!

  New Resources
  :: New WorkbookNew Workbook
The Workbook shows you how to use the platform to build your own on-demand applications. The workbook consists of 11 tutorials (up from 5 in the previous version of the workbook), each of which walks you through a different aspect of the platform. Each tutorial should take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. By following the tutorials you will build and deploy a simple application, Mileage Tracker, and then extend in a number of ways, including adding business logic, creating a custom user interface and adding workflow.

  :: for Amazon Web for Amazon Web Services for Amazon Web Services lets you easily create applications that integrate the power of and the Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Combining a framework for authentication, native access to the AWS Simple Storage System (S3), and pre-built Amazon Machine Images (AMI), the toolkit provides the foundations nessesary to take advantage of these Amazon services directly within You can now easily manipulate S3 objects from within Apex, and kickstart integration development with EC2.

  :: for for Facebook for Facebook is a free set of tools and services that enables developers to harness the power of the Facebook and platforms to build business applications for Facebook. for Facebook gives you direct access to the Facebook APIs from within Apex Code, letting you create new social graph applications and user experiences that connect directly to's Sites, database, integration, logic, and Visualforce user interface capabilities. Now you can create business applications that tap into the power of the social graph from the enterprise cloud.

  :: Security Tips for Apex and VisualforceSecurity Tips for Apex and Visualforce
The combination of Apex and Visualforce pages allows you to create powerful and flexible user interfaces. However, as with any programming language, the developer must be cognizant of potential security-related pitfalls such as cross-site scripting and SOQL injection. This article highlights several pitfalls and provides you with recommendations on how you can write more secure code.
  Welcome Our New Innovators
    Welcome Our New Innovators Discover the latest customers and ISV partners that have developed successful applications on the world's first platform as a service. You'll learn how these partners delivered cost-effective solutions quickly by building their apps on the platform—and how you can become the next success story.
:: CNS Response: Builds Complete Production Platform on at a Fraction of the Cost
:: The Claiborne Company: David Claiborne: Strategy Consultant Becomes Cloud Developer
:: Schumacher Group: The Schumacher Group Maintains a 30 Percent Annual Growth Rate with and the Platform
  From the Boards
  :: Visualforce Development  
    heiritic asks a question about how to send multiple data values from a query to a Visualforce page. Sam.arj provides a very useful solution, which you will often want to use: wrap the data in a new Apex class. He provides code as well.  
  :: Apex Code Development  
    SimonF helps Naishadh with a common Batch Update problem. The key is to write triggers that work no matter how many items are updated at a time, allowing them to function in bulk-update environments.  
  :: Perl, PHP, Python & Ruby Development  
    SimonF debugs a problem that gmac was having in making calls to the Web Services API using Perl. It looks like the problem is related to the SOAP::Lite client.  
  :: General Development  
    advlgxpm would like his IDE project to contain all metadata from an org. JonP points out that the way to do this is to use the new IDE release (version 14), which includes a "Selected metadata components" project wizard, allowing you to do this.  
  :: Java Development  
    glorge has a problem with upserting in a multithreaded environment. SimonF diagnoses a problem due to the record locking that will occur if roll-up summary fields are being used, and recommends against the multithreaded approach.  
  :: Hot Job of the Month  
    There's a short and sweet job posting up on the boards this month: Looking for Visualforce expert. The title says it all!  
  From the Blogs
  :: Dreamforce 2008 Wrap Up  
    New blogger Quinton Wall provides a few pointers to sites that captured the buzz around Dreamforce '08, and describes his delight at seeing Neil Young and the Foo Fighters. For more on the conference, see Nick Simha's cover of the first, and the second day.  
  :: How do I Access Ideas Merge Fields in an Email Template?  
    Rasmus Mencke says that "with Visualforce Email Templates released in Winter '09 you can now access Ideas merge fields from within the email templates." Rasmus also provides some code samples to show you how to use them.  
  :: Identify records with Tagging  
    Quinton Wall reminds us that there's a bunch of new functionality available to you, but you (sometimes) have to turn it on! In this post Quinton shows how to enable record tagging.
  :: Visualforce meets Google Maps and Earth  
    Ron Hoss tells us about some of the awesome work he's been doing with Visualforce and Google Earth. His Code Share project, for Google Maps and Earth states that "these classes and components allow developers to quickly understand and build Visualforce pages that display Google Maps and Google Earth directly in the browser."
  :: Testing as a Spork  
    Rick Greenwald introduces a new word into our vocabularies - spork - "that handy tool which combines the brilliance of a fork with the generosity of a spoon," and argues about the virtue of testing, summarizing with a nice quote: "Testing is a little bit like going to the gym - you may not want to at any given time, but the long term effects more than make up for the temporary reluctance."
  :: Four Reasons for Forceful Thinking  
    Peter Coffee offers four excellent reasons to get serious about SaaS/PaaS based on eWeek's tips on IT career survival. In the same vein, Quinton Wall offers Sage Advice for SaaS Success.
 App of the Month: Lasso2Go by Model Metrics App of the Month: Lasso2Go by Model MetricsThe team at Model Metrics has created yet another innovative app, Lasso2Go, which uses the iPhone, the platform and multiple Amazon Web services. Leveraging the newly-announced Sites and for Amazon Web Services, Lasso2Go lets users capture iPhone images (of business cards, for example) that are then enhanced and transcribed using Amazon Web Services. This results in structured data that can be stored in the end user's org.  

 Sites Technology Preview Webinar
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