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October 2008 - Issue 31   
  Run Your Sites in Our Cloud  
Introducing Winter '09 The new Sites enables you to create public websites and applications on the platform—applications that do not require your users to log in!   Just announced at Dreamforce '08, this technology opens up a host of new and exciting opportunities.  You can now build public applications, or extend your existing applications with a public website, and integrate these websites with your existing web infrastructure.  These sites can leverage your existing applications and data as well—and of course take full advantage of the platform.
Using Sites is easy:
:: Create your application on the platform
:: Create a set of Visualforce pages that will represent the public interface for your application
:: Choose a URL on which your site will be published
:: Publish!
Learn how to enable your Developer Edition with Sites by registering for the Sites Developer Preview Live Webinar[linktag:sites_preview_web] .  For more information, please visit the Sites page [linktag:sites_preview] .  In the mean time, start thinking about how you're going to turn your applications into Sites! IDE Now Available  
    Do not miss Tour de Force at DreamforceThe IDE is now generally available!  [linktag: ide_ga] The IDE is a powerful client application for creating, modifying, testing and deploying applications.

The IDE is based on the Eclipse platform, and you'll find that it provides a familiar project and coding environment found in many other IDEs.  Now you can code, compile, test, and deploy all from within the IDE itself.

So head off and install [linktag: ide_ga] the IDE today.   To learn more about the IDE, read An Introduction to the IDE[linktag: ide_ga] . ISV Program Microsite & Webinar Series ISV Program Microsite & Webinar Series Are you looking for a strategy to jumpstart your SaaS company? Then check out the ISV Program [linktag: isv_prg] - it will help lower your costs and accelerate your go-to-market success. We're also holding a weekly Webinar series [linktag:wkpartner_web] to help you learn more about building commercial applications using  
  Join us on an upcoming Monday that fits your schedule and hear how you can:
:: Take advantage of this enormous SaaS market opportunity
:: Build your SaaS applications fast—with minimal startup costs
:: Launch and grow your SaaS business as a partner
:: Leverage technical and business enablement programs

We'll also answer your technical and business questions in a Q&A session after the Webinar.

Register [linktag:wkpartner_web] for an upcoming webinar, and visit the new ISV Program microsite [linktag: isv_prg] to learn how you can become a successful SaaS company. [linktag:tdf_df]

  New Resources
  :: Updated LibraryUpdated Library[linktag:force_lib]
The Library has just been updated! You now have access to a complete set of platform fact sheets, white papers, books and tutorials—making it even easier for you to learn about the platform and start building your applications.

  :: Multi-Tenant Internet Application Development PlatformThe Design of the - Multi-Tenant Internet Application Development Platform
The platform supports over 47,000 organizations, who trust it to deliver robust, reliable, Internet-scale applications. To meet these extreme demands, is built on a metadata-driven software architecture that enables multi-tenant applications. This paper explains the technology that enables the platform to deliver these scalable and secure on-demand applications.

  :: An Introduction to the DatabaseAn Introduction to the Database [linktag:intro_db_art]
This new article provides a technical introduction to the database. It takes a look at the features of the database, the user interface that is automatically generated for database objects, as well as the tight integration with Apex.

  :: Webinar Archive: Winter '09 Developer HighlightsWebinar Archive: Winter '09 Developer Highlights [linktag:w09_web]
This recorded webinar demonstrates some of the new features now available in the Winter '09 release of the platform, including Visualforce email templates. The FAQ provides additional useful information, including a sample Visualforce email template.
  Sample Code
  :: Google Data APIs Schema DemoVisualforce Email Template Sample
You can now use Visualforce to create email templates! Rasmus provides a nice sample template, and a screenshot of the generated HTML email. [linktag:code_vf]

  :: Standard Set Controller
Winter '09 introduced pagination support to Visualforce. Here, Ron Hess provides a code sample from the product documentation that describes the support. You can find a more detailed description in Jon's blog post on pagination. [linktag:cont_code]

  Welcome Our New Innovators
    Welcome Our New Innovators Discover [linktag: customer_innovator] the latest customers and ISV partners that have developed successful applications on the world's first platform as a service. You'll learn how these partners delivered cost-effective solutions quickly by building their apps on the platform—and how you can become the next success story.
:: Harrah's Entertainment: Harrah’s Entertainment Leverages, Builds Three Innovative Custom Applications [linktag: customer_HE]
:: Arrowpointe Corp: Scott Hemmeter: The Making of a Platform ISV [linktag: developer_AC]
:: Stakeware: From J2EE to Changing Platforms Puts Developer Years Ahead [linktag: isv_SW]
From the Blogs
  :: New Developer Edition Orgs  
    [linktag: blog_orgs] If you've created a developer edition account recently (since Winter '09 was released), you will have noticed a few changes. The org has a shiny new home page, with a cleaned up set of tabs and more. Jon explains the changes to the org, and points to a useful FAQ.  
  :: So You Want to Build a SaaS Company? We can help!  
    [linktag: blog_isv] Mark Trang provides the story behind the new ISV tab that is now available on, and pointers to many other useful resources including the Partner Summit.  
  :: Sorting Collections in Apex and "Too many script statements"  
Andrew Waite takes a look at sorting collections, and shows how the List.sort() call is much more efficient than a custom quick sort algorithm.
  :: Group, Sum and Order Data in Apex  
    [linktag: blog_group] Andrew returns with a great post showing how to group, sum and order opportunity information in Apex - displaying the results in a nice Visualforce page.  
  :: Dynamic SOQL - Why and How  
    [linktag: blog_soql] Winter '09 includes a feature that lets you build and execute a SOQL query at runtime. Nick Simha provides some sample code demonstrating the use of this dynamic SOQL.  
  :: Dynamic Apex - Make your code more flexible  
    [linktag: blog_dynamic] Nick returns with a look at Dynamic Apex, which lets you build "flexible applications where the database objects that need to be acted upon are not known at compile time." His code shows how to interrogate the platform at runtime to discover which objects are available, and how to drill into each object, discovering the fields for that object.  
  :: Visualforce Pagination in Winter '09  
    [linktag: blog_pagination] Jon explains that controllers in Visualforce have been enhanced to support pagination, making it easy for you to create applications that provide a list interface that lets you move through a data set.  
From the Boards
  :: Visualforce Development  
    gargamel shows how to use the <apex:param> tag to pass information into a controller.
  :: Apex Code Development  
    beener asks about showing the last date from a child object in a master detail relationship. David VP hits on a solution using roll-up summary fields.
  :: .NET Development  
    In the Error Attempt To Saving Account thread, Simon F points out (implicitly) that every record in your org has a unique identifier, and you can use that identifier to view the record by adding it to your Salesforce instance URL.
  :: General Development  
    FredrickUN wanted to know about proxy settings for the command line Data Loader. MVJ points the way to some settings in the process-conf.xml file.
  :: Java Development  
    Nitin403 asks about how to make sure that a method exists before calling it. David VP explains that a good approach would be to use describeSObject() and its relatives to dynamically examine the schema for the object.
  :: Hot Job of the Month  
    How's you Apex, Web Services API and Visualforce knowledge? There's a technical architect/consultant job available if you're up for it! [linktag: board_job] App of the Month: ServiceMax by Maxplore App of the Month: ServiceMax by MaxploreOver the past year the Maxplore team has launched, and continually improved, their ServiceMax [linktag:app_of_month] application—a comprehensive Service Chain and Field Service Management solution that helps companies with asset-intensive businesses maximize profit opportunities. The ServiceMax application was built entirely on, and takes advantage of Apex and Visualforce. More than a dozen customers have deployed the application, which has received multiple 5-star reviews.  
Sites Technology Preview Webinar [linktag: cta_sitespreview_web] Facebook Toolkit [linktag: cta_forcelib_offer] Adobe Toolkit [linktag: cta_wkpartner_web]

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  Technology announcements from DF '08
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  Wall Street Journal: Tech
  The 2008 Technology Innovation Awards [linktag:news_wj]
  Web Guild
  Economic Downturn Could Force Adoption Of SaaS Solutions [linktag:news_wg]
  Navatar Group Helps the Council On Accreditation Successfully Automate Its Accreditation Process Using's Platform [linktag:news_mw]
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