June 2008 - Issue 27   
  Force.com Toolkit for Google Data APIs  
    Take advantage of the cloud computing architectures from Google and salesforce.com to enhance your Force.com applications with the new Force.com Toolkit for Google Data APIs. The toolkit makes Google App services – starting with Spreadsheets, Documents and Calendar – first class citizens of the Force.com environment. Specifically, the toolkit exposes the Google Documents API, Calendar API, Spreadsheets API, Blogger API and Contacts API directly within Apex, making it easier to access them natively within Force.com and providing tighter integration between the platforms with less developer effort. Download the toolkit today.  
  The Momentum Continues: Tour de Force Santa Clara a Hit!  
    More than 1000 developers, entrepreneurs, admins and ISVs came out for the June 23, 2008 Tour de Force event in Santa Clara. They heard Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff and Vic Gundotra, Vice President of Engineering at Google, deliver a powerful keynote on the future of cloud computing, then spent the day getting expert guidance and training on the latest Force.com development technologies. Check out the photos, slides, blogs, keynote and more on tour.force.com. Dublin, Ireland and Toyko, Japan are the next stops on our list. See you there!  
  New Force.com Resources  
  :: Force.com IDE Developer Preview Updated to Summer '08
The Force.com IDE developer preview provides a unified interface for building, testing, and deploying Force.com applications. The Summer '08 version has just been released. It adds many new features, including support for Summer '08 features like metadata, home page layouts, validation rules, workflow and project contents selection.
  :: Webinar Posted: Master Visualforce in Summer '08 - Move Beyond S-Controls
This recorded webinar shows how Visualforce gives you greater development ease and speed than S-Controls, how to bypass S-Control libraries with simple, reusable Visualforce Components, how Visualforce future-proofs your UI efforts, avoiding browser compatibility problems, and how to separate business logic from user interface design.
  :: Force.com Developer Library
The comprehensive Force.com Developer Library is now available in one ZIP file. This is a great resource collection to help you get started with Force.com, containing everything from fact sheets and white papers to tutorials and two full-length books. There's also plenty of sample code available in the material, more than enough to get you started developing native applications on the Force.com platform.
  :: Download Workbench 2.0: Smarter, Faster, More Customizable
The Workbench is a web-based, open source application which gives you access to an integrated suite of tools to help manage your Salesforce organization. The tools include Describe, Insert, Update, Upsert, Delete, Undelete, Purge, Query and Search. The new Workbench 2.0 includes SOSL Search and Smart Lookup features with advanced customization and performance enhancements.
  Sample Code  
  :: Testing Email Services with Inbound Attachments
If you are using the Force.com Email Services, you may be working with attachments from your inbound emails. Consequently it makes sense to learn how to test these attachments in a test method and create inline attachments for these tests. This code sample should get you started, and increase your code coverage to boot.
  :: Creating Ideas from Inbound Emails using Email Services
The Force.com Email Services lets you write code that executes when an email is received. This code sample will get you started using the Email Services functionality, along with showing you how to interact with Salesforce Ideas.
  Welcome Our New Force.com Innovators  
    Discover the latest customers and ISV partners that have developed successful applications on the world's first platform as a service. You'll learn how they did it—and how you can become the next success story. Hear how these partners delivered cost-effective solutions quickly by building their apps on the Force.com platform.  
    :: Mike Simonds: Mike Simonds - Building a Career with PHP and Force.com  
    :: Scott Hemmeter:  Scott Hemmeter: The Making of a Platform ISV  
    :: Model Metrics: The Force.com Platform Drives Growth at Model Metrics, Opens Doors to New Industries and Opportunities  
    :: Nimbus: Nimbus Partners Builds Key Business Applications on the Force.com Platform  
  From the Boards  
  :: Apex Development  
    fredka does an outstanding job helping new user fredka figure out how to write a trigger that automatically populates a field based on owner.  
  :: Visualforce Development  
    Jim Boudreaux asks a question about formatting date fields. He finds a solution by himself, with additional methods supplied by Dogen Zenji and mtbclimber.  
  :: Java Development  
    Emanuela learns that you can use the metadata API to not only create a custom object, but also add custom fields to standard objects triggered by a button click.  
  :: .NET Development   
    Koen is writing code that ends up with IDs of two lengths: 15 characters and 18 characters. werewolf explains what it's all about.  
  :: Perl, PHP, Python, & Ruby Development  
    MadMax had a problem with timeouts, which was later resolved by werewolf and Redsummit to a PHP timeout.  
  :: Hot Force.com Job of the Month  
    Apex Developers Wanted, says the job posting. There are plenty more job postings to be found on the job board, so take a look!  
  From the Blogs  
  :: Connecting the Clouds - Introducing the Force.com Toolkit for Google Data APIs
    Adam Gross blogs about the Google Data API Toolkit, making the point that "unlike the early Web 2.0 mashups that worked primarily by combining services within the browser via JavaScript, this toolkit works by literally connecting the clouds". See Jon's blog too.  
  :: Dynamically choosing whether to render as PDF in Visualforce
    It turns out that you can dynamically control whether a Visualforce page is rendered as PDF or as HTML, very convenient for creating invoices and so on. This post provides a few sample code snippets that show one way to do this.  
  :: Emailing Visualforce Pages Rendered as PDFs  
    Following on from the previous blog post, Jon shows how to interact with a Visualforce page from Apex, forcing the page to render and be saved as a Blob object, which can then be automatically emailed.  
  :: Property Accessors in Apex in Summer '08  
    There is a new property syntax in Summer '08. This post shows that in many cases it provides a compressed syntax for coding tedious getters and setters in Apex classes.  
  Force.com App of the Month: Appirio Calendar Sync for Salesforce & Google Apps  
  Earlier this month, salesforce.com announced the Force.com Toolkit for Google Data APIs. Using the capabilities of this toolkit, Appirio was able to quickly deliver a compact yet powerful app that unifies data between Force.com and Google platforms. Companies that use Salesforce apps and Google Calendar can now easily synchronize records between the two platforms. This app is currently the top installed application.  

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