March 2008 - Issue 24 Million Dollar Challenge is Open: Get Your Submissions In!
Are you seeking venture capital to fund your SaaS company? Build the next killer SaaS application on the platform and compete for a $1M+ investment award from Emergence Capital Partners—and office space in the Incubator! Finalists will be selected by Emergence Capital and invited to Dreamforce 2008 where the winner will be announced.

Enter now to begin competing for this exciting investment award!
Dreamforce Goes to Europe!
Great news for all our members in and around Europe: We're bringing Dreamforce to London on May 7-8. At Dreamforce Europe, the community will come together for two days packed with more than 50 breakout sessions, live demos, partner expo, hands-on training, and networking. And of course, there will be plenty of sessions and events for developers, including the always-fun DevZone. Don't miss it, register today!

Find Your Path to a Education
It's easier than ever to mix-and-match your way to a education! First and foremost is Tour de Force, our global roadshow, where you can get a free, single day of inspiration and education delivered by top evangelists and engineers. If you're looking for a quick, intense blast of exposure, this is it—it's a great way to get started or to learn about the very latest technology. Next stops on the Tour: Atlanta, Chicago, New York, and Boston—register now.

For a deeper and more carefully paced education, our instructor-led training is the way to go. The Application Laboratory course is five days long and built on a curriculum that our education team has perfected over the years to ensure students received comprehensive training on building apps. And for those of you who prefer the self-taught method, there is, featuring hundreds of educational resources—everything from video tutorials and technical articles, to sample code and documentation.

New Resources
  :: Toolkit for Adobe AIR and Flex
The Toolkit for Adobe AIR and Flex brings the power of Platform as a Service to Adobe RIA technologies. With the toolkit, Flex developers now have direct access to the Web services API, allowing the easy creation of new user experiences and web applications that connect directly to's database, logic and workflow capabilities. The Adobe AIR component in the toolkit can even be used to make information from automatically available offline, allowing developers to extend their applications with offline and desktop applications.

:: Article Series: Discover the Advanced Capabilities of Visualforce
In this newly launched article series, you'll learn how to use Visualforce pages and controllers to create dependent picklists based on related objects, as well as creating flexible user interfaces based on those picklists. The next installment of the series will delve into the definition of custom objects that form the foundation of the functionality, and the code for the page and controller. The final installment will demonstrate the use of the dependent picklists in action.
Code Samples: Apex Code and Visualforce
  :: Create a Tabbed Accounts in 30 Seconds
Many users prefer to have information organized on tabs and it is now possible with Visualforce. Here is an example on how you can do this in less than 30 seconds. Get the sample code and get started!
  :: Dynamic Approval Routing
You may already be using Apex code to implement sophisticated logic such as round-robin assignment, custom quote generation, and more. But did you know that Apex code can now dynamically route approval requests to different users within your organization? View the sample code for complete details. You can also download and install Dynamic Approval Routing 1.0, a ready-to-use solution from the AppExchange that demonstrates how different features of the platform come together to enable dynamic approval routing.
Partners Share their Secrets to Becoming a Hero
  Discover the latest customers and partners who have developed wildly successful applications on the world's first platform as aservice. You'll learn how they did it—and how YOU can become the next big success story. Hear how these partners delivered cost-effective solutions quickly by building their apps on the platform:

  :: OpenAir: Incubator Success
:: Schumacher Group: The Schumacher Group Maintains a 30 Percent Annual Growth Rate with
:: One/Northwest: "The Perfect Job": Building Apps for Nonprofits


From the Boards  
   ::  General Development
    mscotton provides some key tips for the new vlookup functionality.
  :: Apex Development
    Anand Singh and sduda help Vineeta with calling Apex code from an s-control.
  :: Visualforce Development
    jwetzler provides guidance on how to style a Visualforce page without the look-and-feel.
  :: Java Development
    fortress gets a bunch of help with doing a triggering a workflow through the api.
  :: .NET Development
    TimB posts a valuable example on how to iterate over a sub-query as a QueryResult object using the Partner WSDL.
  :: Perl, PHP, Python & Ruby Development
    jeremyt gets help from Tran Man in using the Emailheader with PHP.
  :: Hot Job of the Month
    We're always looking for top-notch technical talent to add to the team. Check out the Boards and the new job listings! App of the Month: DoX for AppExchange  
Dreamfactory recently announced DoX for AppExchange, a unified desktop file manager built on which enables users to locate and share documents regardless of where they are stored. Available free to license holders, DoX provides effortless sharing of documents and folders via simple drag and drop from the desktop or virtual folder.

Calendar of Events

Tour de Force Events
:: Atlanta, GA
April 8
:: Chicago, IL
April 10
:: New York, NY
April 16
:: Boston, MA
April 22

Training: Extending Applications Using
:: Atlanta, GA
April 11
:: New York, NY
April 18

Training: Application Laboratory
:: New York, NY
March 31
:: San Mateo, CA
April 14
:: Dallas, TX
April 21

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