January 2008 - Issue 22  

Welcome to Development as a Service
Introduced on January 17 at the Tour de Force kickoff event, Force.com Development as a Service is a powerful new technology set that enables enterprise developers to easily harness the promise of cloud computing. Combining the new Force.com Metadata API, the Eclipse-based Force.com IDE, the Force.com Sandbox, and new Force.com Code Share, Development as a Service brings together the coding tools needed to build enterprise software-as-a-service applications. This is the next-generation tool set you've been asking us for, and it provides full access to the database, logic and UI technologies of the platform while also bringing you key productivity and IT collaboration functionality. Version control, code sharing, app cloning, and team development are now simple and straightforward propositions.

Also announced is a revolutionary new utility pricing model that includes a 99-cents-per-login introductory price and the expanded availability of the Apex programming language for Enterprise Edition orgs. Now it's easier and more cost-effective than ever to build and deploy sophisticated Force.com apps throughout your enterprise.

But don't take our word for it, experience it for yourself! We're bringing free, full-day Tour de Force events to 20 cities around the globe, so you can learn new skills, explore the platform technologies, and get your questions answered by our technical experts, live and in person. Stay tuned to the developer.force.com website for dates and further details.

Force.com Million Dollar Challenge: Calling all SaaS Entrepreneurs!
Are you looking for venture capital to fund your SaaS company? Build the next killer SaaS company on the Force.com platform and compete for a $1M+ investment award from Emergence Capital Partners—and office space in the Salesforce.com Incubator! Pre-register now and stay up to date on the competition as it begins! Official entries for the Force.com Million Dollar Challenge will be accepted beginning in March 2008. The winner will be announced at Dreamforce 2008!

Aligning with the Force
In the midst of all the technology news, you may not have noticed something we rolled out with a bit less fanfare: developer.force.com, the new name for our developer program and website. With the launch of Force.com in October and the accelerating shift in the developer community toward a range of enterprise app development that goes well beyond CRM, it was time for a new name that better reflects the full breadth of the Force.com platform. And the new name is just the latest in a series of improvements, updates, and new features the team has delivered in recent months, including the launch of Force.com Ideas, an overhaul of the discussion boards, and a redesign and refresh of the wiki and developer blog. Let us know what you think.

New Force.com Resources
  :: Build, Test, and Deploy Applications on the Force.com Platform
The Force.com IDE is the world's first integrated development environment for developing software-as-a-service applications. Based on Eclipse, the Force.com IDE gives developers and development teams the resources they need to build, deploy, and version Force.com components, including custom objects and fields, Apex classes, Visualforce pages, profiles, packages, and more.

:: Share and Collaborate on Force.com Development Projects
With the new Force.com Code Share, developers across engineering organizations—and around the world—can collaborate as they develop, test, and deploy their Force.com applications. Code Share enables developers to store the application definitions in source control and deploy those applications to the Developer Edition, the Force.com Sandbox, or to their production environment. And because it integrates with most standards-based source control management systems (including CVS, Subversion and Google Code), Force.com Code Share brings full application lifecycle management to Force.com applications.
  :: Breakthrough Technology for Runaway Success
Learn more about the customers and partners who developed wildly successful applications on Force.com, the world's first platform as a service. Discover how they did it—and find out how YOU can be the next success story.

     :: Celerant: The Force.com platform delivers business infrastructure
     :: Stakeware: Switching from J2EE to Force.com puts developer years ahead
     :: NJ Transit: The Force.com platform boosts business success for NJ Transit
     :: CODA: CODA saves two years of development time using Force.com
     :: Motorola: Force.com expand Motorola administrator's job role
     :: Tides Center: Non-profit uses Force.com to help drive positive social change
  :: On Cloud Nine with Force.com & Development as a Service Blog
CODA is a long-established accounting software ISV that isn't waiting around for the on-demand trend to get any stronger. They're building a SaaS accounting solution on Force.com today, and their development team is blogging about it so you can track their progress. Check it out!


From the Boards  
   ::  General Development
    NeilMessenbird shares a formula to format number fields with zero padding.
  :: Apex Development
    TehNrd shows Aniche how to check whether a field has changed.
  :: Visualforce Development
    The community pitches in to give TehNrd a hand in creating a branching wizard.
  :: Java Development
    Simon explains to Fluffy why certain Salesforce tables can't be queried.
  :: .NET Development
    Ahlomon gets started with Salesforce development with Visualbasic, with the help of foghon and scrappydog.
Force.com App of the Month: Riskonnect  
Built entirely on the Force.com platform and launched within six months after the team started development, Riskonnect automates risk management for the enterprise. Riskonnect's innovative application—built with Apex and Flash visualization technologies—has already paid off with a customer win at Southern Company, one of the world's largest utility companies. Watch Bob Morrell, Founder and CEO of Riskonnect, demo the application alongside Marc Benioff at the recent Tour de Force global kickoff!

Calendar of Events

Training: Application Laboratory
:: San Mateo, CA
February 11 - 15
:: New York, NY
February 18 - 22
:: Atlanta, GA
March 10 - 14

Training: Extending Applications Using
:: New York, NY
February 15
:: Atlanta, GA
March 7

Training: Developing
Apex Code
:: New York, NY
March 21

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