October 2011 Developer Force Newsletter
Cutting Edge Technical Sessions on Force.com, Database.com and Heroku
Watch over 60 awesome technical talks, covering the gamut of Force.com, Database.com and Heroku. Want to learn about instrumenting apps on Heroku
or creating web sites with Siteforce? How about APIs, Git, Node.js, or mobile development? All of these topics, and more, from Dreamforce '11 are available now.
Access reference documentation, core articles, and
tools in our Technical Library.
Code & Best Practices
Code Share is a directory of open source Force.com
code projects. Here's the latest:
Tweets from Followers
@MyForceDotCom: @forcedotcom aahhhh! i love the smell of a new Developer Org
@larsenfed: Just ported the HTML5 cloudtunes app of @forcedotcom into a Force.com site, having a 100% salesforce.com HTML5 application
@corycowgill: Just hit 50 solutions authored on the #forcedotcom developer boards. woot woot
Hot Discussions
Visit the Force.com discussion boards for more information,
tips, and solutions on a variety of topics.
Shashikant Sharma
Community Profile Highlight
Sanuki Ikou is the first Force.com MVP to hail from Japan. As an employee of TerraSky, Inc., he develops enterprise applications with Force.com. His expertise in Force.com technologies, coupled with an interest in new features and capabilities through Chatter, Heroku, and Database.com, have led him to become one of the most prominent discussion board leaders in the Japanese speaking community. You can follow his frequent twitter updates as well.
October 2011 Issue
Calendar of Events  
Cloudforce Munich
Siteforce Webinar
Success Stories
Inspiring stories about applications
built on Force.com.
takes higher education to the cloud with Force.com
leverages Force.com to power social change platform
App of the Month
Memonic Clipper lets you collect information straight from the web and automatically send it to Salesforce.
Job Skills
Looking for full-time employment? The Jobs Board for developers is chock full of options, from short term consultations, to full-time positions. For example, check out this listing for a Visualforce
Jobs board
/ Apex Developer in Tampa, FL! ! Individual developers can also find success on the AppExchange, by promoting their development experience on the site. Log in today, update your skills, and reach over 2 million salesforce.com customers.
Hot Last Month
The Force.com platform Winter '12 release is here! Watch the release webinar and start learning about how you can use the new features, from the new read-only schema interface, through native JSON support, to the new Developer Console.
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