November 2007 - Issue 20  

What Are You Building on
We want to know! Since we announced, the world's first platform as a service, we've seen a tremendous surge in developer activity, as thousands of new developers joined our community, and thousands of current members started developing with the Visualforce Developer Preview.

Many of you have told us about the fun you're having working with Visualforce, Apex Code, and other technologies, and you've shown off some amazing new apps. But we're eager to see more, so if you're doing something interesting with Visualforce and, let us know! We're seeking the best development stories to help inspire our entire community, and we'll send one of our cool new t-shirts to anyone who submits a qualified story. So show us your stuff!

If you haven't checked out Visualforce and all of the other new technologies, now is the perfect time to get started. Try our most popular resource—it's called "An Introduction to Visualforce" and it includes video how-tos and step-by-step instructions. Or, if you're ready to dive deep, there are the two books, Creating On-Demand Applications with and the Cookbook to take you to the next level.

Calling All Developers: Help Shape the Future of
We're excited to introduce Ideas, a powerful new feature for the community. Use it to suggest new product ideas, preview new features, and promote your favorite enhancements. It's also a great way to connect with fellow community members, and tell the ADN team and product managers what you think. With Ideas, we're driving a more open, dynamic, and continuous dialogue with our developers and customers about the future of Check it out today!

New ADN Resources
  :: Did You Miss the "Become an App Builder" Webinar? Watch the Replay!
Here's another chance to learn how to build powerful business apps to support any process or department, without writing a single line of code! Watch this replay and discover how can make your life easier and your apps more compelling.

:: From Admin to App Builder: Enables Motorola Admin to Expand Job Role has made Michael Farrington a force to be reckoned with. Read how Farrington, who began his career as a Salesforce systems administrator, applied programming skills he acquired in college to the platform, resulting in an expanded role on the Sales Technology Team at Motorola's Enterprise Mobility business. His first application is an innovative user management utility called Draggin' Role, which is available for free on the AppExchange.
  :: Chalk Talk: Harness the Power of Salesforce, Adobe and StakeWare
Watch Adam Gross, Vice President of Platform Marketing, as he kicks off an interactive technical discussion about SaaS, platform application development technologies, and's partnerships with Adobe and StakeWare.

:: Winter '08 is Available Now! Have You Checked Out the Latest Features?
The Winter '08 release delivers a lot of new features and technologies for developers. You'll find new Apex language types, new Apex verbs, HTTP callouts, the Metadata API Developer Preview, SOSL enhancements, personal tagging, rollup summary fields, workflow debugging, and much more. And don't forget the big Kahuna—the Visualforce Developer Preview—which provides unlimited flexibility for user interface design. Start exploring Winter '08 today!

:: Using Browser Technologies in Visualforce: A Four-Part Series
Do you have questions about how various browser technologies fit into the Visualforce framework? Get the answers in this four-part series. You'll learn how Visualforce, Flex and Ajax work together on the platform—and how to use them to deliver world-class, on-demand applications.
  :: Catch Up with the Best of Dreamforce '07
Discover amazing new platform as a service technologies by watching the Dreamforce '07 "Getting Started" sessions. These in-depth technical presentations are an excellent way to learn fundamentals and see the latest on-demand development tools in action. Watch online or download sessions to your iPhone or MP3 player to watch while you're on the go:

- Application Framework Overview
- Getting Started with Visualforce
- Getting Started with Apex Code


From the Boards  
   ::  General Development
    Simon clarifies what's counted as an API Call.
  :: Apex Code Development
    steve buikhuize gets help configuring the Eclipse plug-in for an org with a namespace to edit Apex classes.
  :: Visualforce Development
    dchasman and coling discuss ways to access a Visualforce page from outside the app.
  :: Java Development
    VN and the developer community explore options for doing bulk create.
  :: .NET Development
    Siddharth helps salesforce_inte to properly format a datetime in C#. App of the Month: Fairsail  
Looking for a human resources management application for performance management, talent management, and personal development? The Fairsail development team combined their deep understanding of the needs of HR professionals with powerful technologies—such as Apex Code and Workflow—to build a truly innovative app. Fairsail automates HR processes that, for most companies, exist only in text documents, spreadsheets, and email. Check it out on the AppExchange today and see for yourself why Fairsail was an Appy Award nominee for Best Native App at Dreamforce '07.

Calendar of Events

Training: Application Laboratory
:: Chicago, IL
December 3 - 7
:: San Mateo, CA
December 10 - 14
:: Edison, NJ
December 10 - 14

Training: Extending Applications Using S-Controls
:: New York, NY
December 4
:: Dallas, TX
December 7

Success On-Demand
World Tour in India
:: Mumbai, India
December 11
:: Delhi, India
December 13

News Highlights

PODTech Chalk Talk:, Adobe and StakeWare

Information Week Covers the AppExchange
Vertical Response
Right 90

Phishing-based breach of customer data is more evidence of industry's need to act on spam. Now.

Reviewcast:'s Visualforce is like an on-demand version of FoxPro (but better)

Salesforce Winter '08 Now Live - Delivering New Platform as a Service and Visualforce to Create and Deploy any Application On Demand


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