September 2007 - Issue 18  

"Platform as a Service" and Visualforce Announced at Dreamforce '07
The buzz was that we'd announce breakthrough technology at Dreamforce and we delivered: CEO Marc Benioff announced the on-demand platform, the world's first platform as a service, and Visualforce, an amazing new tool that provides total freedom to create any user experience, in a fraction of the time you'd expect. is a developer's dream—with all the capabilities needed to build any application on demand, based on a global infrastructure and comprehensive services to meet the requirements for a database, logic, workflow, integration, and distribution.

Visualforce gives you unprecedented power to create an amazing user experience, using the power of the most current UI development technologies and models. Based on an MVC (Model View Controller) framework, Visualforce combines full HTML/Javascript support with a reusable component library and an Apex-based Controller model. The user interfaces you create will not only be completely flexible, but also well architected and easily maintained. In addition to letting you create any kind of user experience, Visualforce provides all the power of next-generation s-controls, with a fraction of the effort. And as part of the larger platform, Visualforce builds on the power of the platform's database and logic capabilities that already serve over 100 million transactions a day.

Missed Dreamforce '07? Attend our upcoming live Webinar on October 16. It's your chance to receive complete technical overview of Visualforce—and get your hands on Visualforce Developer Preview! Space is limited, so register now!

Developers@Dreamforce '07: More than 1,500 Strong
Developers@Dreamforce, our event within an event designed with you in mind, was a huge hit. There was a constant hum in the Developer Lounge, where attendees took in exciting new technologies—including the Google API, Adobe Flex, and Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime), met with engineers and experts, picked up more than 2,500 copies of the new Cookbook and participated in the Wii tournament.

ADN community members Steve Andersen of ONE/Northwest, Scott Hemmeter of Arrowpointe Corp., and Michael Farrington of Motorola received the coveted Developer Hero awards. But everyone was a winner—over 1,500 people enabled their Developer Edition account with the Visualforce Developer Preview in order to get a head start with this exciting new technology. Stay tuned for the availability of all the screencasts of Developers@Dreamforce sessions from the show, headed your way.

Introducing a Newly Reorganized Apex Wiki
We asked for it! And now, based on your feedback, we reorganized the content of the Apex Wiki. The Apex Wiki serves as the epicenter of the developer universe, where content, community, and technologies converge. Look for our ever-growing collection of code samples, documentation, tools, and other technical resources under the following categories: Application Framework, Web Services API, Apex and Visualforce, Database Services, Tools, Packaging and Business Resources.

New ADN Resources
  :: Webinar: Leveraging an On-Demand Platform for Enterprise Architecture
Find out why enterprise architecture is evolving from complex, monolithic infrastructures to something far more efficient and dynamic in this free Webinar. Watch Enterprise Application Integration expert David Linthicum as he teams up with Andrew Leigh,'s Director of Integration Product Marketing, to demonstrate the platform and explain how it delivers on the promise of service-oriented architecture today.
  :: Developer Success Stories
Learn from the success of your peers, as they leverage the platform. You'll see examples of apps that target CRM users, apps that leverage the on-demand model to build proprietary IT solutions, and entirely new and innovative on-demand solutions for the enterprise.
  :: Create Any User Interface as a Service
Explore's exciting new technology, Visualforce, which extends your power to create any kind of user experience, in any application, and on any device. It features reusable components, along with highly flexible presentation layer—based on standard web technologies—to help speed up development development is faster than you might expect. Learn all about it in this technical screencast.
  :: Building Offline Apps with Google Gears
In the air, on the road, and everywhere in between, your users want to stay connected. With the Google Gears and Google Web Toolkit you can make any on-demand application work offline. Get started now!
  :: Get Java Partner WSDL Samples 10.0
With more than a billion API transactions every month, isn't it time you got in on the action? Learn how to use the Web Services API 10.0 with the Java Partner WSDL. This code sample is a great place to start—it contains an Ant build script, the necessary library, and code samples that use all the available API method calls.


From the Boards  
   ::  General Development
    DevAngel provides a comparison between AJAX and Apex code.
  :: Apex Code Development
    Riverchaser explains how one would test a trigger.
  :: Visualforce Development
    DevAngel and Imaghroori discuss the differences in referencing merge fields between s-controls and Visualforce.
  :: Java Development
    Rick.Banister provides a snippet for SaurabhRawane on how to connect to Salesforce via a proxy.
  :: .NET Development
    AngelPro now knows what to look for while resetting a password.
  :: Perl, PHP, Python & Ruby Development
    paul.das gets help from msimonds on batching php operations.
ADN App of the Month: Accelerate4Pharma
The honors keep rolling in! Recently awarded the Appy Award for Breakthrough App of the Year at Dreamforce 2007, Model Metrics combined Apex Code and Adobe Flex to build Accelerate4Pharma, a custom CRM solution for the pharmaceutical industry.

Calendar of Events

Leveraging an On-Demand Platform for Enterprise Architecture
:: Free Webinar

Building Applications Training
:: Chicago, IL
October 1 - October 5

Extending Applications Using S-Controls Training
:: New York, NY
October 1
:: San Mateo, CA
October 2

Announcing Visualforce
:: Free Webinar
October 16

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