August 2007 - Issue 17  

Bigger and Better than Ever: Developers@Dreamforce '07
This year, Developers@Dreamforce will give you access to all the technologies, tools, and techniques you need to take full advantage of the Salesforce platform. We've got sneak peeks at upcoming technologies, hands-on labs, and networking galore. Looking to get your hands on the newest Platform-as-a-Service technologies? You'll get exclusive access. Ready to build a business on the AppExchange? Meet entrepreneurs who have done it. Looking for new code samples and educational materials? We've got 'em. Get ready for 30+ expert-led technical sessions, including:

:: Apex Code Deep Dive: Tools and techniques for advanced programmers
:: From Garage to Glory: Secret tips and techniques of top Apex developers
:: Building the Ultimate Google and Salesforce Mashup: Create apps that are greater than the sum of their parts
:: Powering 100 Million Transactions per Day: Behind-the-scenes at
:: Make Your App *Bling*: Build amazing user interfaces using Adobe's AIR and Flex technologies
:: Salesforce SOA Deep Dive: Caution - this session may leave you breathless
:: Scaling Success: Use AppStore to automate your on-demand company
:: Build Smarter Apps: Harness the power of formulas and workflow
:: Meet the Developers: Don't miss the opportunity to learn from the best

Want to pick up even more ideas—directly from experts and other developers? Visit the Developer Lounge, where you’ll find:

:: Dev Theater: Demos, special events and informal tech talks centered around the big plasma screens in the theater
:: ADN Lab: Explore the latest platform technologies, on your own or with the help of technical experts from, Google, and Adobe.
:: Nintendo Wii Game Tournament: Blow off steam by pitting your Nintendo Wii skills against others in the ADN community in a video game tournament sponsored by Theikos.
:: Dev Meetup Space: Comfortable couches for catching-up, birds-of-a-feather sessions, and other community networking activities.

Join us at this year's Developers@Dreamforce!  

Ready to Launch Your On-Demand Company?
Join hundreds of successful companies who have built businesses on the Salesforce platform. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or the leader of a large software company, you'll benefit from a complete set of FREE startup tools, resources, and services to build your on-demand business. Get the On-Demand Startup Kit today!

New ADN Resources
  :: Enterprise Integration Series Part 2: Next Generation Integration Services
The Salesforce platform makes SOA concepts a reality for the enterprise, and this multi-part series shows you how to leverage them. In the second screencast, you'll receive an exclusive preview of next-generation integration services, such as Apex Web Services and Salesforce SOA. If you missed Part 1, you can watch it on the Enterprise Integration Series wiki page.
  :: Get the Latest Release of Apex Toolkit for Eclipse
If you're a fan of Eclipse, the Apex Toolkit for Eclipse is perfect for editing Apex code and publishing it into other Salesforce instances. This major update includes support for the new Apex Code publishing process, detection of edit collisions with synchronization, and local file handing.
  :: Apex Code is Available Now!
With the release of Summer '07, Apex Code is now generally available to everyone with a Developer Edition (DE) or Unlimited Edition (UE) license. Apex code—together with's renowned multitenant architecture and the Apex Web Services API—takes on-demand further than ever before, enabling developers to customize business logic and create an entirely new class of features and applications.
  :: Google TechTalk: A Technical Introduction to the Salesforce Platform
Watch this Google TechTalk—presented by VP of Developer Marketing Adam Gross—where he discusses Apex code and the on-demand application development model with an audience of Google developers.
  :: Effective Data Management Fosters Positive Social Change Foundation donates Enterprise Edition licenses to nonprofit organizations around the world. Currently nearly 2500 organizations, in 46 countries, have received these donations. We work with very large organizations, very small organizations, community-based organizations, and everything in between. Some of the most innovative applications adopted by the user community were created by developers who are focused on the nonprofit sector. We'd love for you to join us!


From the Boards  
   ::  General Development
    asuru had a question about S-controls and multiple joined SOQL query. It was a result of using an unsupported AJAX toolkit.
  :: Java Development
    Kumar Mettu had a question on invoking Web services from Apex Code.
  :: .NET Development
    Here's a recommendation from Kingsley on using the "SRC Button" to insert code.
  :: Perl, PHP, Python & Ruby Development
    Find the E-mail through s-control code sample that Rasmus Mencke fixed for Nila.
  :: AJAX Toolkit and S-Controls
    msimonds has provided a complete Salesforce PHP MySQL Database Replication Tool.
ADN App of the Month: WasteRep  
Vertical industry applications are gaining in popularity on the AppExchange. This past month, the team at Australian Software Professionals released an WasteRep v1.3 for the waste management industry. Built 100% for Salesforce platform, WasteRep proves that customizing Salesforce CRM can result in a powerful application that effectively serves a niche industry with unique product and service scheduling requirements.

Calendar of Events

Developers@Dreamforce '07
:: San Francisco, CA
September 16 - 19

ADN@Adobe Air Tour
:: New York, NY
September 24
:: Toronto, ON
September 26

Extending Applications Using S-Controls Training
:: New York, NY
October 1
:: San Mateo, CA
October 2

Building Applications Training
:: New York, NY
October 15 - 19
:: San Mateo, CA
October 1 - 5

News Highlights

eWeek Issues Summer '07 Release, Apex Code

IT Week opens up development with Apex Code

Tim Anderson's ITWriting + Google + Adobe Flex and AIR = New Internet platform?
Salesforce-Google Small Business Offering?
Salesforce Heads Off Software At The PaaS


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