July 2007 - Issue 16  

Summer '07 and Beyond: Get Ready for What's Next in On Demand
Summer is heating up and we have cooked up something special for developers. In this Dreamforce Developer Preview screencast, we cover the features that will be available exclusively to developers in the upcoming Summer '07 release, including Apex Code (GA), Metadata API (preview), and more. And for the complete rundown of developer technologies in this release, check out the new Summer '07 page on the Apex Wiki. The rollout begins August 3rd.

While you're exploring Summer '07, don't forget that the largest salesforce.com conference of the year is just around the corner. Dreamforce '07 on September 16 - 19 will be the biggest Salesforce developer event ever, with more than 1,000 developers attending, 30 developer-to-developer technical sessions, hands-on labs, and the unveiling of some amazing new Apex technologies. Sign up today!

Introducing the Salesforce Enterprise Integration Series
The Salesforce.com platform makes the concepts of SOA real by making it easy to create powerful and robust integration solutions. In the first two parts of our new Salesforce Enterprise Integration Series, we cover existing methodologies, techniques for connecting Salesforce.com to other applications and infrastructure, as well as new integration features and tools that are due to be released later this year. Future parts of the series will focus on Integration Solutions with other systems in the market place, so be sure to bookmark the page for easy access.

New ADN Resources
  :: An India Story: India System Integrators and Developers Seize the On-Demand Opportunity
In this success story, learn how salesforce.com's on-demand platform represents the next great development and delivery channel for the global marketplace. The Apex platform gives developers on the subcontinent the same capabilities for application creation, customization, integration, management, and distribution that have been embraced by organizations around the globe.
  :: Perform Bulk Operations with Apex Data Loader 9.0
Learn how to use the Apex Data Loader to perform bulk operations on your Salesforce org. You can insert, update, upsert, delete, and export data from Salesforce objects.
  :: Build On-Demand Apps with Adobe Flex
Missed the Adobe Flex webinar? You can now watch the screencast and hear from top technical experts from both salesforce.com and Adobe. Learn how quick and easy it is to create rich applications on the Apex platform with the Flex Toolkit for Apex.
  :: Ajax Proxy: Mash Up Third-Party Web Services
This tutorial and sample code shows how to build a mashups on the Apex platform, using data from a third-party Web service. In particular, this Web service takes two country names as input and returns the exchange rate for those countries. Hosted by XMethods, the service is free. As such, this Web service does not guarantee a level of service and may be removed without notice.
  :: Send Emails in Eclipse Via the APEX API
The Eclipse Web Tools Project provides excellent tools, resources, and sample code for working with Web services. The sample code demonstrates how to send a single email or mass emails in Java using the Eclipse platform. This sample code requires that you have Eclipse 3.2 with the Eclipse Web Tools Project, Apache Axis 1.4, and Apache Tomcat 5.5.20.
  :: Improved ADN Search
The search functionality on ADN has been updated and vastly improved. You will now get better search results across blogs, discussion boards, and the wiki. Happy searching.
  :: The Developers Have Spoken
The responses to our first ADN Developer Survey are still pouring in, but we wanted to share some of the early results. Here's just a sample:
  The majority of you have more than four years professional software development experience
  The ADN community includes a healthy mix of web developers, backend developers, and DBAs
  You're most interested in more sample code and documentation (we're working on it every day!)

It's not too late to make sure your voice is heard on the future of the ADN website. Please take our survey today and enter the raffle to win a FREE pass to Dreamforce 2007!


From the Boards  
   ::  General Development
    Usama and TCAdmin give SL Tan some tips about using custom buttons.
  :: Java Development
    eneilsen gets some help with setting the sessionId, without using the SessionHeader object.
  :: .NET Development
    aew learns how the nillable property can indicate whether a field is required or not.
  :: Perl, PHP, Python & Ruby Development
    msmimonds give another reason why you should move to PHP 5.
  :: AJAX Toolkit and S-Controls
    mojeebahmed shows the community how he does pagination in javascript.
ADN App of the Month: InSite by Kailea Networks  
With an investment of only a few weeks, Kailea Networks used the Adobe Flex Toolkit and the Salesforce API to deliver InSite—a custom IT infrastructure management app—via the AppExchange marketplace. InSite ties together multiple Salesforce objects and takes advantage of workflow approvals/tasks, to help IT departments manage change requests and track real-time inventory within their IT environments—all within a rich user interface powered by Adobe's Flex and Flash technologies.

Calendar of Events

Building Applications Training
:: San Mateo, CA
July 30 - August 3
:: San Mateo, CA
August 27 - August 31

Extending Applications Using S-Controls Training
:: San Mateo, CA
July 27

ADN@Adobe Air Tour
:: Atlanta, GA
August 14
:: Washington, DC
August 20
:: Boston, MA
August 24
:: New York, NY
September 24
:: Toronto, ON
September 26

Developers@Dreamforce '07
:: San Francisco, CA
September 16 - 19

News Highlights

iPhone Calls to Some Business Users

Salesforce Swings into its Summer '07 Release

Salesforce.com Placed in the Leaders Quadrant of the Sales Force Automation Magic Quadrant 2007

Salesforce.com Heats up Enterprise CRM with Salesforce Summer '07, Based on World's First Platform as a Service


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