May 2007 - Issue 14  

New Salesforce SOA Technology Announced
The Salesforce Developer Conference on May 21 featured an exciting technology announcement: Salesforce SOA. This powerful new capability of the Apex programming language will enable on-demand developers to leverage Web services from anywhere. Salesforce SOA makes it possible to mash up's multi-tenant on-demand service with enterprise workflow and business processes so you can build new kinds of enterprise applications on demand. Find out more about Salesforce SOA and watch the screencast demo to see Salesforce SOA in action.

Announcing Developers @ Dreamforce '07
Dreamforce '07 is coming September 16-19 to San Francisco! This premier event offers over 25 sessions devoted to Apex development—from application development basics to advanced programming topics. You'll learn to create enterprise-strength mashups, tune your Apex applications for maximum performance, and use the Flex Toolkit to create stunning user interfaces. You'll also find sessions on using the AppExchange to share and sell your on-demand applications. Don't miss this chance to work hands-on with the Winter '08 beta release and learn about it directly from’s own R&D staff. Get the details.

On-Demand Development Webinar: Using the Flex Toolkit

Attend this live webinar on June 26 to learn how to combine Apex with Adobe's Flex technology to build powerful business applications that are intuitive to use. You'll see the Flex Toolkit in action and find out how quick and easy it is to lay out unique graphics and connect your application to Salesforce data. Register today!

Hot Off the (Virtual) Presses: "Creating On-Demand Applications, Second Edition"
You asked for it, and now it's here! The second edition of the "Creating On-Demand Applications" book has arrived, with updates to all of the existing content plus new sections on reporting and dashboards, approvals, time-based workflow, custom object queues, validation rules, default field values, search layouts, and more! Download your copy now.

New ADN Resources
  :: Record Turnout, Inspiring Sessions at the Salesforce Developer Conference
Salesforce Developer Conference was tremendous success with more than 1,000 attendees turning out to see Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, and Guy Kawasaki talk to about the next generation of business applications and the future of on-demand development. The entire R&D team—more than 100 platform experts—was also on hand, delivering in-depth technical sessions and personalized, one-on-one guidance on how to make the most of the Salesforce platform. A screencast of the Keynote is now available for you to view or share with a colleague. Stay tuned to the ADN site for breakout session recordings as soon as they become available.
  :: Screencast: Business Mashups with Java Platform, Standard Edition 6
For those of you who missed the JavaOne Conference in San Francisco, check out this screencast of the session delivered by's Adam Gross and Peter Dapkus. The session provides an architectural and code-level view of some of the most popular business mashups. You'll learn how to use new XML and web services APIs in Java Platform, Standard Edition 6 to create integrations that deliver enterprise-caliber safety and performance.
  :: Community Contribution: Salesforce PHP Upsert Tutorial
This tutorial contributed by ADN community member Mike Simonds focuses on using the PHP Toolkit to improve the performance of inserts, updates, and upserts to Salesforce, giving organizations more flexibility to keep data refreshed.
  :: New Java Sample Code: JAX-WS Quick Start
Explore this collection of sample code provided by Sun Microsystems to help you get started using Apex API 8.0 with JAX-WS Reference Implementation. The quickstart depends on JAX-WS RI 2.1.1, the web services API that will ship with the standard Sun JDK as part of Java 7. Get the download.


From the Boards  
   ::  General Development
    Redsummit shares his thoughts with mattd on how to track web site downloads.
  :: Apex Code Development
    Chirag Mehta shows everyone how to display an error with Apex Code.
  :: Java Development
    Nasipuri learns how session timeout is set from SimonF.
  :: .NET Development
    Getting picklist values for a recordtype can be done via the describeLayout call, as zero1578 learns.
  :: Perl, PHP, Python & Ruby Development
    sfdcfox suggests using semaphores to enforce concurrent connection limit.
ADN App of the Month: Diamond Data IS 3.0  
Trillium's newest version of their data cleansing app, Diamond Data IS 3.0, is a great example of a traditional software company using the Salesforce platform to move to an on-demand model. Diamond Data IS takes advantage of new features in the Salesforce API to allow in-line displays that indicate the quality and status for leads, accounts and contacts. For the first time, users are alerted to potential duplicate records in real-time and can take action to cleanse, validate or enrich the record.

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Calendar of Events

Apex: Application Laboratory
:: San Mateo, CA
June 4 - 8
:: Chicago, IL
July 9 - 13

Apex: Extending Applications Using S-Controls
:: San Mateo, CA
June 13
:: New York, NY
July 24

Developers @
:: San Francisco, CA September 16 - 19

News Highlights

Redefining the function of a website

Report: Google, discussing alliance

Video: Salesforce demos AppExchange platform

ZDNet CEO Marc Benioff's big spend

SeekingAlpha Separates Apex Platform From CRM Applications

Datamation's Apex Code: Good Idea or Superfluous Code?
Salesforce Offers Service in China (Google English Translation)
Salesforce Offers Service in China
(in Chinese)

Salesforce Announces On-Demand SOA Feature - Salesforce SOA's Apex Platform Offers On-Demand Development


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