April 2007 - Issue 13  

Announcing the Salesforce Developer Conference
Join us for a first-ever event for developers, entrepreneurs, and managers looking to create the next generation of business applications and companies. We have a powerful lineup planned for the upcoming Salesforce Developer Conference taking place on May 21 in Santa Clara, CA.

We'll start the day with a keynote featuring Salesforce.com's own Marc Benioff and Parker Harris, plus Guy Kawasaki of Garage Technology Ventures. This will be followed by practical breakout sessions delivered in three tracks: Apex Platform and Enterprise Mashups for developers and technologists, and On-Demand Startups for entrepreneurs and business professionals. Don't miss this free opportunity to meet salesforce.com's platform R&D and AppExchange teams, and network with industry visionaries and business development executives. Space is limited, so register now for this trailblazing developer event!


Deliver Rich Applications with the Flex Toolkit for Apex

Business apps with a rich user experience need no longer be rarities! The new Flex Toolkit for Apex makes it easy for you to add dynamic graphical interfaces to your Apex application or S-Control. You'll be amazed by how quickly you can build rich applications using the popular Flex Builder Eclipse Toolkit to lay out widgets and unique graphics, and then wire it all up to Salesforce data APIs. Watch a quick demo, read the tutorial, then download the Flex Toolkit for Apex (beta) today. For more on Flex, visit Adobe's Flex.org site.

New Whitepaper: Leveraging On-Demand for Enterprise Architecture

ADN has published a new whitepaper detailing how on-demand platforms are emerging as key building blocks for enterprise architectures. Contributed by author David Linthicum, who is known for his bestseller "Next Generation Application Integration," the paper discusses the revolution underway in many industries' approach to development, integration, and enterprise architecture. Learn how on-demand architecture is delivering an approach and technology solution that successfully challenges IT assumptions about complex software-driven enterprise architectures.

Incubator Partnerships: Be the Next Salesforce.com
If you're an entrepreneur or developer seeking support to launch your business, become an Incubator partner and leverage salesforce.com's revolutionary AppExchange marketplace and on-demand leadership to bring your solutions to market quickly, with less cost. Incubator partners get inside access to the tools, resources, and market insight needed to build powerful, sought-after enterprise applications, and sell them on the AppExchange.

New Platform Licensing Now Available
Good news for AppExchange developers! Salesforce.com recently introduced the Salesforce Platform Edition to make it cost-effective for companies to extend on-demand success to new users who don't require CRM functionality. The new platform license enables administrators to deploy on-demand applications from the AppExchange for 60% less per user, per month. With Salesforce Platform Edition, companies can finally run their entire enterprise on demand, extending the benefits of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model to every department.

New ADN Resources
  :: Mashups: The What and Why
The first in a two-part series, this article provides an introduction to core concepts behind mashups, examining techniques for and consequences of using, creating and enabling mashups in your IT infrastructure.
  :: Coding With Apex: Salesforce Toolmaker's Batch Product Goes Real-time
Apex Code is still in preview, but Glenn Wilson of Toronto's CRMfusion has already put it to work—creating a prototype application that is well on its way to becoming a product. Get a sneak peek at DupeBlocker, a real-time deduplication tool will be ready to ship as soon as Apex Code is released.
  :: "Time Off Manager" Application Demo
Check out this application demo that takes advantage of powerful new features from the Apex platform's Winter '07 and Spring '07 releases. It's a great resource for envisioning ways you can use the latest Apex technologies, such as workflow and approvals, in your own apps.
  :: Apex Trigger Screencast
Watch this great screencast on Apex triggers created by Steve Andersen of Gokubi.com. According to Steve, "Apex triggers rock the house! I've been showing this stuff to lots of Salesforce.com implementers at the NTC conference the last few days and the reaction has always been the same: dropped jaws, and the question, 'when is this going to production?'"
  :: Learn to Develop On-Demand Business Applications
Watch a screencast of our recent Indian webinar, "Learn to Develop On-Demand Business Applications." The session—presented by salesforce.com, as well as representatives from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Engizma Software—covers on-demand development basics and the growth of on-demand business opportunities in India.
  :: Sample Code: Send Emails Through S-Controls
Now you can leverage the Spring '07 Email API to send emails from within S-Controls! The API includes the ability to send text, HTML, or multi-part emails, set importance, include a signature, and more. Review the sample code for details.

ADN@Dreamforce '07 Global Gathering
Tap into the energy and expertise of the world's largest on-demand community at Dreamforce '07. Join 7,000 salesforce.com users, developers, partners, and experts for four full days of hands-on training, proven best practices, nonstop networking, breakthrough innovations, and all-star keynotes, including Mark Benioff and John Chambers. Mark your calendars for September 16-19th, 2007.

See the type of in-depth technical content we'll be delivering there by checking out some highlights from last years ADN@Dreamforce:

  :: New Apex Developer Sessions
Business Mashups: Best of the Web APIs
  :: Advanced Apex Developer Sessions
Deep Dive Into Apex


From the Boards  
   ::  General Development
    Morley shares with the community a nice hack to perform custom save functionality.
  :: Apex Code Development
    abucks gets help from sfdc on formatting date in Apex Code.
  :: Java Development
    After coffee, SimonF shows cjiaing how to query for all leads and contacts with birthdays on a particular day.
  :: .NET Development
    Cubic Compass suggests a solution for Nik Derewianka for synchronizing data between two websites.
  :: Perl, PHP, Python & Ruby Development
    msimonds helps hemm out with displaying international characters within a php script.
ADN App of the Month: EchoSign  
The recently announced Salesforce Content will make it easier than ever to manage and share documents, especially with customers, vendors and partners. But what do you do when you need to sign or authorize a piece of content, like a sales order, purchasing agreement or contract? AppExchange partner EchoSign makes it possible right now with their top-rated EchoSign Contract Management Service. Built on the Apex platform and seamlessly integrated within Salesforce, EchoSign allows users to send documents out for signatures, track status and file executed agreements with another contact or account. Best of all, anyone can sign documents electronically or via fax without having to download special software or even register with the service.

Calendar of Events

Salesforce Developer Conference
:: Santa Clara, CA
May 21

Apex: Building Applications
:: Boston, MA
May 14 - 18
:: New York, NY
May 14 - May 18
:: San Mateo, CA
Jun 4 - Jun 8

News Highlights

Salesforce.com Joins Vendors Trying To Solve Data Glut Problem

Adobe and salesforce.com Enable On-Demand Rich Internet Applications

Salesforce.com adds Flex to Apex platform

The Register
When Flex met Apex

SDA Asia
Salesforce Content Manages Unstructured Information On Demand

Salesforce to Purchase Koral (Google English Translation)
Salesforce to Purchase Koral (in Chinese)

Benioff talks new killer apps from Salesforce.com

Salesforce.com's Pitch to Startups



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