February 2007 - Issue 11  
February 2007: Apex Momentum Continues
The first month of the Apex Code Developer Preview Program was an enormous success. Due to popular demand, we're pleased to begin delivering the program more broadly starting this week. If you haven't already done so, be sure to sign up for the Apex Code Developer Preview Program and start familiarizing yourself with Apex Code capabilities firsthand. Also, don't forget to drop by the ADN Discussion Boards to get your Apex questions answered and share your feedback with the ADN community. We look forward to your help in shaping the future of Apex Code.


Apex Day Wrap-Up

We've posted some highlights from Apex Day, including a slideshow and videos of some key developer sessions. While there's nothing quite like attending in person and participating in one of our live developer events, this is the next best thing. To view the videos, you must log in as an ADN member.

Watching the Wiki Grow

Apex Wiki content is growing rapidly and ADN members are busy contributing useful resources, including a great new page in the Composite Framework section where ADN member William Guwei provides sample code for avoiding the creation of duplicate accounts. We're sending William an ADN t-shirt as a token of our thanks. We're eager to see your contributions to the Apex Wiki, and we'll send a t-shirt to anyone who adds something that catches our eye. If you want to contribute, but are unfamiliar with the ways of the Wiki, visit Wiki Help to get started.

More of the Best of ADN@Dreamforce '06
Don't forget to mark your calendar for ADN@Dreamforce '07—our annual, not-to-be-missed Apex developer event—taking place September 16-19 in San Francisco. See the type of in-depth technical content we'll be delivering there by checking out some highlights from ADN@Dreamforce '06. Out of more than 20 sessions currently available for multimedia viewing on ADN, here are some of the very best sessions from ADN@Dreamforce '06:

New Apex Developer Sessions
   :: Intro to AppExchange: Building Composite Apps

Advanced Apex Developer Sessions
   :: Future of Composite Apps: S-Controls and Beyond



From the Boards  
   ::  General Development
    mmcconna gets clarification on why there are 15 and 18 character ids.
  :: Java Development
    rmarp's post reminds us all to keep that session id secure.
  :: .NET Development
    ColoradoMike hears some great tips on session management in .NET 2.0.
  :: Perl, PHP, Python & Ruby Development
    A good server side validation discussion brews. Join in and post your thoughts.
  :: S-controls
    We're making a firebug fan out of PBS_IC786. He gets advice on debugging S-Controls.
ADN App of the Month: FTP Attachments  
February marks delivery of the first AppExchange application from an Indian developer. Built on the Winter '07 release architecture, Enzigma Software's FTP Attachments allows you to store salesforce.com attachments on your own FTP server. Not only does this app free you from storage limitations, it also provides file versioning and reporting against attachment history. FTP Attachments is available in both Basic (free) and Pro versions.

Calendar of Events

Apex Seminars
:: Washington DC
March 22
:: Raleigh-Durham
April 4
:: Atlanta
April 5
:: Toronto
April 10

Apex Application Laboratory
:: New York
March 26 - 30

News Highlights

Blog on a Great Developer Success Story
Platform Power

Survey: What (Potential) Apex Developers Want from Salesforce

Application Development Trends
Salesforce.com Offers Developer Preview of Apex

Apex: Salesforce.com's "On-Demand" Programming Language



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