October/November 2006 - Issue 7/8  

Everything Apex

At Dreamforce '06, more than 600 developers heard the Apex announcement and were able to experiment a bit with the technologies themselves. But the rest of you may still be a bit behind the curve, so here’s a quick primer. The Apex platform brings you everything you’re already leveraging today, plus very soon with the Winter ’07 release, many of the things you’ve been asking for, including inline S-controls, relationship queries, outbound messaging, workflow and approvals, and more. And soon after that, we’ll roll out a developer preview of the biggest new technology, the Apex language. This new language will allow you to write code and run it on our servers.

For the full story, check out our own Apex page, a developer-oriented treasure trove of information on the Apex platform, with links to beta documentation and sample code, plus a demo and an overview presentation. You can also sign up for a free Apex Seminar, being held in select cities in upcoming weeks and months. And for the blogosphere’s coverage of Apex, check out the following:

:: PodTech: Robert Scoble sits down with our own Adam Gross, and gets him to explain Apex and on-demand development: Interview with Salesforce.com's Adam Gross
:: Rough Type: Nicholas Carr puts Apex into perspective with his post Innovation, not infrastructure
:: Anne 2.0: Anne Zelenka blogs on Salesforce.com’s Apex As Sustaining Innovation.
:: Perspectives on Salesforce.com: Scott Hemmeter provides a great tour of Apex technologies in his recap of the ADN@Dreamforce “conference within a conference”


Inspiration Abounds: Salesforce IdeaExchange
Savvy developers keep a close eye on the competition by monitoring the latest apps posted on the AppExchange directory. Now there’s a new site to watch as well, and this one can put you ahead of the curve instead of merely on top of it. Called IdeaExchange, it’s a new salesforce.com website designed to give our user community a place to voice their opinions and desires in regards to new features, functionality, and even AppExchange apps. For fresh ideas and the pulse of the user community, check out IdeaExchange. To post, just use your ADN log-in and password.

The First AppExchange Developer Book
Creating On-Demand Applications with AppExchange: An Introduction was published in October and released at Dreamforce ’06. Perfect for someone new to the platform, it covers the basics of the platform and walks the reader all the way through the process of creating a native application. It’s not yet widely available for purchase, but you can get your hands on a PDF by visiting this page.

AppExchange Incubator
The AppExchange Incubator program gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to kickstart their AppExchange businesses by working side-by-side with salesforce.com employees and AppExchange partners in special “incubator” office spaces. Participating developers will get office space and a full package of business services, including access to the Apex multi-tenant programming language and platform, technology infrastructure, product development, sales and marketing support, fundraising and business development assistance, and office space. Interested? Learn more.

About the Newsletter
Monthly, or not? The answer is monthly. We’ll be back on track with monthly issues in December, and you can look forward to continuing updates here on Apex. And as always, we’re interested in your feedback, so whether you have suggestions, criticism, or contributions, send them to adnnews@salesforce.com.



From the Boards  
   ::  General Development
    The community gives justdev a helping hand with data migration suggestions.
  :: Java Development
    Rick.Banister clears up the mystery with Product2 and PriceBook objects.
  :: .NET Development
    Spiderbike and Gareth Davies offer two ways to parse out an id.
  :: Perl, PHP, Python & Ruby Development
    hemm asks and answers his own question on the best way to handle PHP sessions.
  :: AJAX Toolkit & S-controls
    Venkat Polisett and The_Fox provide examples of sending e-mail via an S-Control.


Coming soon to a city near you: Apex Seminars

Experience Apex and learn what it can do for you. Register Now >>

Los Angeles •
12/7/2006 >>

New York •
1/11/2007 >>

Chicago •

Boston •
1/23/2007 >>


News Highlights

O'Reilly Network
An Introduction to Salesforce.com's AppExchange

Dan Farber’s video interview of Marc Benioff about Apex, platforms, and ecosystems

The Gillmor Gang
The Gillmor Gang in a wide-ranging audio conversation with Marc Benioff.


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