June 2006 - Issue 4  

Dreamforce 2006 Registration Now Open
For developers, AppExchange partners, and anyone interested in learning about how new Internet technologies are changing how business applications are built and used, Dreamforce 2006 promises to be the event of the year. This year’s Dreamforce user & developer conference will be held at San Francisco’s Moscone Center October 8 - 11 and features more than 20 developer-specific sessions that will cover both the basics and the latest Winter ’07 capabilities. Visit www.salesforce.com/conference for details, including a list of keynote speakers, and be sure to register by August 10 to take advantage of the $200 early-bird discount.


Appforce Day Video & Demos
Last month’s newsletter featured podcasts from the developer sessions at our May 24 Appforce conference. For those who missed the event, the video of the morning keynote, featuring salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff’s “Future of Software” presentation, is now available for online streaming. In addition, video demos of the new AppExchange offerings from Kieden, JotSpot, Zimbra, and others are available as part of the stream and can be accessed directly from the popup menu next to the video display. The demos show of some of the best of what’s available for AppExchange and are recommended viewing for anyone interested in innovative uses of the platform.

PHP Self Service Portal Toolkit
You’ve asked. We’ve listened. Self-Service Portal Toolkit for PHP 5 makes it easy to embed the Self-Service Portal within an existing PHP Web application. Built on the popular PHP 5 Toolkit, it comes with a sample, Berkeley Frozen Pizza, that demonstrates how a Web site can authenticate a user and then access the salesforce.com Self-Service Portal seamlessly—all without the need for two sign-ons. Although the sample is written for PHP, the same logic can be applied to other languages.

Updated Perl Library
Thanks to the hard work of the community, an updated version of sample code and libraries for accessing the AppExchange API from Perl is now available. While it’s still a bit rough around the edges, experienced Perl developers should find this version to be a helpful start in tying the API together with countless other systems and utilities available from the ubiquitous scripting language.

App of the Month – Business Objects Data Integrator
It isn’t just the new folks who get to have fun with the AppExchange: The well-known software company Business Objects is also getting on board. Although you may have seen Business Objects’ announcement a few months back about creating an on-demand version of its popular Crystal Reports product, this month’s honor goes to a lesser-known AppExchange offering from the company—Data Integrator. In addition to highlighting an offering from a well-known company, this month’s selection is also different in that the app itself isn’t on-demand. We are known to prefer services to software, but when you are connecting with other enterprise systems or databases, a bit of client software can go a long way toward creating a bridge to the on-demand world. And software that helps make that connection is welcome on the AppExchange alongside its on-demand counterparts.



From the Boards  
   ::  General Development
    Gokubi demonstrates lead conversion using the AJAX API in his rapid lead converter.
  :: Java Development
    Jeps learns how to detect for errors in a batch create call.
  :: .NET Development
    alivepjc learns how to create objects in batches in C#.
  :: Perl, PHP, Python & Ruby Development
    MadMax gets a hand from Redsummit in debugging his code.
  :: AJAX Toolkit & S-controls
    zach offers a tip for looping through large arrays in javascript.



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