April 2006 - Issue 2  

Important Changes to Salesforce.com NA1 Instance Configuration

As part of our continuing efforts to enhance service quality and availability, salesforce.com is increasing the number of logical instances of the service, starting in May and continuing over the next few months. This includes the introduction of NA2 and other new instances. Although correctly implemented integrations that use API 1.8 or later should experience no disruption, developers are strongly advised to review the technical information on developer.appexchange.com to ensure a smooth transition for their code, and they should contact Support or the message boards with any questions. Click here to read about the configuration changes.


Upcoming AppExchange Developer Events
In May and throughout the summer, salesforce.com is hosting free developer events around the world. These sessions provide an opportunity to get in-depth technical training, interact with AppExchange experts, and learn best practices for leveraging the platform. Developers from salesforce.com customers and partners, even those unaffiliated with salesforce.com but interested in learning about AppExchange, are invited to attend free of charge. In addition, on May 24 in San Francisco, salesforce.com is holding its first Appforce conference, a special one-day AppExchange User, Partner, and Developer Conference. Appforce features technical breakout sessions for developers as well as an AppExchange keynote session with Marc Benioff and leaders from successful customer and partner companies and an Expo with more than 80 exhibitors.

Appforce—The AppExchange User, Partner, and Developer Conference
:: San Francisco - May 24     Click here to register

AppExchange Seminar
:: Portland - May 9
:: Denver - May 18
:: Boston - June 6
:: New York - July 18
All AppExchange Seminar Location & Dates

AJAX Toolkit Beta3.3: New Documentation Available
The ever popular AJAX toolkit has received a major update in the form of the Beta3.3 version, which is available immediately. Developers will be happy to know that accompanying this version is an expanded set of documentation and code walk-throughs as well as the features and changes available in this release. Complete information is available via the ADN blog here.

App of the Month: Adoption Dashboards
Last month’s increasingly prestigious “App of the Month” designation was bestowed on the broad set of functionality represented in Kieden’s Salesforce/Google Ad Words mash-up, this month’s shout-out focuses on something more modest in scope but no less important: Arrowpointe’s User Adoption Dashboard.
This package contains a set of reports and dashboards that let users get a quick look at exactly who is (and isn’t) using Salesforce within their organization. And based on the reviews so far, that’s manna to most admins. (And even better, the developer blogged about a particularly interesting technique to get metrics on test drives, which will be equally useful to anyone with an AppExchange listing.

Although it’s not as technically interesting.. this package is innovative in its own way—it’s part of a larger trend of users (and not just professional developers) sharing best practices in the form of small utilities and components. These community apps are more about karma than cash, but as we’ve seen from other Internet communities, sometimes that can be even more important in creating an ecosystem.



From the Boards  
   ::  General Development
    BAGEL eats up a Ron Hess date S-Control.
  :: Java Development
    fips learns to validate the session ID on the cheap.
  :: .NET Development
    A C# date and an XML date are two different beasts, as joe_leo finds out.
  :: Perl, PHP, Python & Ruby Development
    gokubi explains how to use the PHP5 toolkit to integrate dotproject with salesforce.com
  :: AJAX Toolkit & S-controls
    chrismclaren gets help developing a "printable view" S-Control.



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