March 2006 - Issue 1  

AppExchange Developer Network Update

Welcome to the first installment of the all new AppExchange Developer Network (ADN) newsletter. We've got a lot of things cooking these days, and this quarterly email aims to highlight what we've been up to. It also provides a vehicle for sharing some of the community's best work.

With the launch of ADN, we've taken the energy and enthusiasm behind our original sforce site and used it to fuel what we believe will be an even more powerful and complete way of building on-demand business apps. We hope you'll see some of those results right away. And, as always, we encourage you to let us know what you need and what we can do to help you make the most of AppExchange.


New AppExchange Toolkit for Eclipse
This month released the AppExchange Toolkit for Eclipse—the most significant IDE integration for AppExchange available to date. With the toolkit, developers can create and edit s-controls using a complete HTML/JavaScript code editor directly within Eclipse. The toolkit also includes an integrated Eclipse version of the popular AppExchange Explorer, which provides the ability to browse AppExchange schema and test SOQL queries, as well as integrated help for both the Web service API and the AJAX toolkit.

The toolkit is available as a free download and a video demo of its capabilities is available here.

PHP Toolkit Now Available
Unlike PHP samples for AppExchange you may have seen before, this toolkit—built with help from Zend and members of our developer community—offers complete access to all of the capabilities of the AppExchange API. And since it's built on 5.1, the toolkit is based on the new high-performance SOAP stack in PHP, which will prove a boost to most applications. With new samples and getting started documentation, we think this toolkit will not only make using PHP with AppExchange much easier than it has been in the past, but will also provide a solid foundation for PHP as a first-tier AppExchange development language.

AppExchange Seminar Podcasts
Are you new to AppExchange and want to learn the basics? Interested in learning directly from other partners how to be successful with your AppExchange offering? Stuck in traffic with a desperate need to understand the difference between composite and native apps? Then the AppExchange Seminar podcasts are for you. These three 30-minute podcasts cover the basics of building, marketing, and selling your app on the AppExchange. Keep an eye out for an AppExchange Seminar near you for live sessions and interaction with AppExchange experts.

Google Adwords and Salesforce Mash-up from Kieden
Each month we'll highlight a new AppExchange app that we think is particularly innovative and useful and that can provide a bit of inspiration for the rest of us. For March, we are delighted to feature Kieden, a brand new app from a brand new company.

Kieden's service, available on the AppExchange here, integrates Salesforce's campaign, lead, and opportunity management directly with Google Adwords, letting marketing users not only create and manage their search campaigns within Salesforce, but also automatically tracking the performance of those search campaigns in terms of closed deals.

On the technical side, Kieden's use of AppExchange style sheets within a composite application is a particularly powerful example of how to extend the Salesforce UI while retaining its look and feel. Spend a few minutes with the test drive and we promise you'll find this a compelling example of what is one of the best business mash-ups yet.



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